Saturday, April 27, 2013

Views of the Completed Smiler

With the last piece of track securely in place, Alton Towers now has a full circuit roller coaster with The Smiler. 

Towers Times took to the skies once again to get some aerial views of the finished ride, and from them the layout and inversion count is finally a bit more clear.

From my count it appears as though the ride will send riders upside down 14 times during the ride, which is well above the previous world record of ten - a title two coasters currently share.  There is an eleven inversion ride under construction in China, but that hasn't opened yet as far as I know.

The Smiler will perform one inversion just after leaving the station inside the ride building, so really the only question left is if there's something else that will take place in there as well.  It seems like 14 inversions is a pretty solid final figure.