Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Universal Studios Hollywood to Resume Operations April 16th

© Universal Studios Hollywood

One of the last major California theme parks to announce their reopening date, Universal Studios Hollywood has confirmed that they will welcome guests back on April 16th.  Tickets for the reopening will go on sale on April 8th.  As with the other parks in the state, only California residents will be eligible to visit the park for now, and groups are limited to people from three households and an overall total of ten people.

All visitors will require a reservation in order to enjoy the fun at Universal Studios Hollywood.  There are plenty of guests out there who already have valid admission tickets in hand, and they'll be able to make reservations starting April 5th.


Season pass holders will be allowed to make reservations for "bonus days" - the first of which is April 15th, which do not count against their blackout dates nor do they count as normal days for calculating how long the pass is valid.  The bonus days will run select dates through May 16th.  Starting May 17th passholders will be given a new pass that shows their new expiration date (which covers all the days the park was closed in addition to the bonus day period).

© Universal Studios Hollywood

But how about the rides and attractions!  The park does state that not all will be able to open right away, but they intend to have most everything up and running that they can within the state's guidelines for operations.  This includes the brand new The Secret Life of Pets - Off the Leash dark ride that never got to open.  Also operating will be Jurassic World The Ride, a newer fan favorite at the theme park.  The park released the images included here to hype up guests for the rides before they reopen.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Disneyland Resort Looking for Zoning Changes to Dream Big for the Future

© Disney

Last week there was a lot of news flying around about the Disneyland Resort announcing some mega-expansions, which sadly was a bit of a misleading take on the news that the famous park had to share.  Instead, the real message of the launch of the DisneylandForward website was to persuade the City of Anaheim to grant the resort zoning changes that they want to support their long term growth.

The Disneyland Resort has publicized a couple large expansions in the past few years, including a giant new parking deck and additional hotels, all of which was scrapped for various reasons.  It looks like Disney is now taking a step back and trying to get permission to move out of the restrictive zoning plan put in place in the '90s in order to really expand as they wish.  The old (but still current) plan dictates where attractions, hotels, parking and more can be built on Disney's land and grants no freedom to move things around.

However, as Disney explains "today hotel, theme park, retail and dining are all part of one immersive experience.  Guests expect that the future of entertainment will seamlessly weave all uses together in ways that were hard to imagine 25 years ago when the city created these specific plans."

© Disney

And so they'd like to blow away the old zoning plan, and allow them to build more freely on the land they have left.  And that's pretty much all parking lots right now, which would be shuffled into a giant new parking deck they proposed once before.  And that's where the excitement over "expansion" came in, because Disney released some images along with the plan that show exciting new stuff.  However, this is just all a bunch of ideas that Disney is throwing out there to get their point across - NOT any type of actual plan.  

To be more clear, Disney writes that "are at the very beginning stages of the process. While the project will be refined over time, we hope to explore the creation of integrated experiences featuring new theme park attractions, dining, retail, hotel, and more.  Right now, we don’t have any specific projects planned for the future."


© Disney

Still, expanding both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure onto new acres (an idea of which can be seen above), adding to Downtown Disney, and creating an entirely new mixed use area South of the parks does look neat.  It's just that it's not a real plan at this point, just an idea to help sell the zoning change plan.  But putting out exciting looking concepts certainly won't hurt their cause with fans of the resort - but the City and neighbors are the real focus of those that need to be 'won over.' 

If zoning is granted and the Disneyland Resort is able to expand as they desire one this is for sure, we will all love the results no matter how they look many years down the road.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Clementon Lake Park Purchased by New Indiana Beach Owners at Auction

© NewsPlusNotes

It is being reported that there was a very positive outcome at the recent auction of Clementon Amusement park - the Philly Inquirer and Ford County Record (among others) are reporting that the owners of Indiana Beach, who saved that park last year, swooped in and bid high enough to be the new owners of Clementon and all its assets.  It is reported that the park went for $2.37 million, plus other fees making the total purchase around $2.6 million.

The Ford County Record references a press released put out by Gene Staples, the now owner of both classic amusement parks, noting that Clementon came to their attention in February and they were lucky enough to put in the high bid for the park.  He plans to use the knowledge he gained last year reopening Indiana Beach in order to bring Clementon and Splash World back to life.

It sounds like right now the immediate plan is to get Clementon back up to shape to welcome visitors, with Splash World possibly opening as soon as Memorial Day.  The rest of the park is planned to be opened as soon as possible, it sounds.  Obviously since the purchase just took place this week there will be changes in the plans, but it sounds like Clementon may have a bright future once again after all.

Clementon Lake Park is one of the oldest traditional amusement parks in the country, dating back to 1907 when it got its start as a trolley park.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Lake Compounce Announces 2021 Opening Date + Park Improvements

© Lake Compounce

Lake Compounce is excited to bring back their brand of family fun for the 2021 season, and has announced a set of park upgrades along with their opening date - May 8th.  The opening date is a few weeks earlier than it has been in past seasons, allowing families more time to take a break from life and play at the park.

The classic amusement park has also undergone a rebranding of sorts, with a brand new logo and a full celebration of the park's 175th anniversary - an amazing achievement for the park!  

© Lake Compounce

The park will feature a brand new look this year as a result of new theming, paint and cosmetic changes across the entire park.  These renders show some of the changes that guests will find when they visit this year.  Nearly all parts of the park will receive this refresh, making the park truly sparkle for its 175th anniversary.

© Lake Compounce

Previously announced is the park's new for 2021 attraction, the Venus Votex, which is a massive family water slide located inside their water park - set to open on Memorial Day weekend.  They will also host a new food and beverage festival in June named Bites and Pints.  It looks like an awesome year to check out Lake Compounce to see all the changes and experience their new Venus Votex slide!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Six Flags Great America to Reopen With Rides + Attractions on April 24th

© Six Flags

Six Flags has announced that they have received approval to reopen Six Flags Great America on April 24th, followed by the reopening of Hurricane Harbor Chicago on May 29th.  Additionally, the property will be separating Hurricane Harbor Chicago into a separately gated attraction, making it the company's 27th park.  Six Flags Great America will be celebrating its 45th year when it reopens.

Both parks will operate with reduced attendance levels to adhere to state regulations, and a full reservation system will be in place for guests to use.  The same safety precautions in place at already operating Six Flags theme parks will be used at both Six Flags Great America and Hurricane Harbor Chicago.

© Six Flags

Six Flags Great America’s Park President Hank Salemi noted that “Six Flags Great America is a beloved summer tradition for many, and we are excited to open our park and get our world-class collection of thrills running again.  Our team is eager to welcome back our guests in a safe environment, providing the much-needed fun we have all missed this past year.” 


The parks did not open under normal conditions during the 2020 season, with Six Flags Great America only operating without rides for Holiday In The Park.  Six Flags has already opened or received permission to open 23 of their 27 parks, and are working with officials to get the remaining 4 parks operating once again.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stunt Pilot's Track is Being Placed at Silverwood Theme Park

© Silverwood Theme Park

Nothing says spring like new coaster track placement!  That is what Silverwood Theme Park has been doing the past couple weeks with Stunt Pilot, their new Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor style roller coaster. 

The first piece of track (up top) was lifted into place earlier this month, showing off the wonderful contrast between the white track and those cherry red supports.  This is going to be one slick looking coaster when it opens this summer!

© Silverwood Theme Park

It wasn't long before more track was being installed - I believe this is the sharp climb up into the elevated S-curve that is at the far end of the ride.  When completed the single-rail coaster will stand around 106 feet tall, so there's plenty more distance to go up from here!  And speaking of, these photos are actually over a week old, so there is a good chance that even more of the ride is already up.  We will have to stay tuned for more photos from the park.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Six Flags Magic Mountain + Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Reopening April 1st

© Six Flags Magic Mountain

More California park reopening news!  Today both Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announced that they will reopen their parks - with rides - starting on April 1st.  That's the earliest date that they are able to open under California's plan, meaning they are quite excited to welcome visitors back as soon as possible.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's plan will see the park open on April 1st and 2nd to members and passholders only, with the general public able to attend starting April 3rd.  To make sure they stay within California's opening guidelines they will utilize a reservation system to limit attendance and only residents of California are able to attend.  The park will follow the other Covid-19 safety precautions found at other Six Flags parks that have reopened since last year.


“Six Flags Magic Mountain is the undisputed Thrill Capital of the World, and we are excited to get our park open and our world-class collection of coasters running again,” said Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Park President Don McCoy.  “Our team is eager to return to work and entertain our guests in a safe environment, providing the much-needed fun and escape we have all missed this past year.  I am also looking forward to seeing guests come out and experience West Coast Racers, our newest racing coaster that was only open briefly in 2020.” 


The park will be open daily in April with hours of 10:30 am until 6 pm and then longer operating days as the summer season sets in.  Reservations are already live for the park's reopening. 

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will follow a similar pattern for their reopening - members and pass holders will be able to attend on April 1st and 2nd, with the general public to follow on April 3rd.  Only California residents are able to attend the park per State orders, and a reservation system will be utilized to adhere to daily attendance limits.

“We are very excited to be able to offer our full selection of rides and attractions for the first time in over a year,” noted Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Park president Janine Durette. “Six Flags creates wonderful memories through the incredible experiences we provide guests of all ages.  We are excited to welcome more guests to the park and to bring back more of our dedicated team members.”


The park will operate on weekends through the end of May, with some exceptions of weekday operations.  Hours vary from 11 am until 6 pm upon reopening, with extended hours until 8 pm as the park moves into May.  Reservations are now live on the park's website.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Disneyland Resort to Reopen to Guests Starting April 30th

© Disney

After recent changes in California's pandemic reopening plan that allowed large theme and amusement parks to reopen soon we have our first major announcement: the Disneyland Resort will start to welcome back visitors on April 30th.

Just announced today, the reopening will see both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure reopen with rides and attractions after having been closed for over a year.  Along with the theme parks, Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will reopen on April 29th, the Disney Vacation Club Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa will open on May 2nd and both the Paradise Pier Hotel and the Disneyland Hotel will open at a future time.

© Disney

In order to comply with the specifics of California's reopening plan the attendance at the parks will be limited upon reopening.  To manage this the resort will debut a new reservation system in the coming weeks with all visitors age 3 and up needing a spot booked ahead of time.  The parks will still feature characters but in new ways (instead of meet and greets) to maintain social distancing.  Parades and firework shows will be on hold for now.  Disney notes in their post that attractions, restaurants and other offerings may be limited, unavailable or remain closed due to following state guidelines.

Ahead of the reopening the resort will still hold A Touch of Disney, a food and retail event that will start on March 18th and end on April 19th.  After that cast members and members of the local community will be invited to the parks as part of reopening plans. 


While the parks were closed the Disneyland Resort ended their annual pass program, so as the parks reopen all visitors will be day guests for the foreseeable future.  We can expect tickets to sell out very fast, and it will be interesting to see the pricing available when the reservation system goes live.  Keep an eye out on the resort's website for more information in the coming weeks.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Interest Shown to Reopen Clementon Park after Park Goes to Auction

© NewsPlusNotes

It was recently revealed that Clementon Amusement Park will be going to the auction block on March 23rd, with the property to be sold for redevelopment or possibly to continue as an amusement park.  The fate of the park depends on the plans of the high bidder at the upcoming auction, but at least one potential buyer has stepped forward to clarify that they intend to keep the park open as an amusement park should they be the successful bidder.

According to this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer Fresh Development LLC is trying to raise around $7 million to purchase the park at the auction and then reinvest in it, with the goal of having it open again by this summer.  According to the developers, they expect the park to be sold for around $2.5 to $3 million, with additional funds they hope to raise going toward getting the park open again.

© NewsPlusNotes

The developers feel that the park could see 170k visitors this year and generate as much as $7.5 million in revenues.  They would also like to build a hotel on the property to make the park more of a weekend getaway for visitors.

While the future of the property remains to be seen it is positive to see at least one bidder make their plans to keep it as a park public.  The article also mentions that at least six other potential bidders had toured the property, and their plans are not yet public.  Stay tuned as more information will inevitably come out after the auction takes place.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Conneaut Lake Park Sold + Info From the New Owners

© Conneaut Lake Park

The sale of Conneaut Lake Park, which brings the business out of bankruptcy and back to private ownership, was approved by the court earlier this month.  For a sale price of $1.2 million, the new owner - Keldon Holdings LLC - was actually the only qualified bid that was entered for the property and all its attractions and amenities.

This article mentions that 13 different parties showed interested in the property and 10 went through the actual bidding process.  However, Keldon Holdings LLC was the only one with a bid that was okay with the public-use deed restrictions which essentially means they were the only ones who probably intended to keep it operating as an amusement park.  That's speculation, but if other bidders wanted the public-use deed restrictions removed then they probably wanted apartments or something else less interesting on the land.


The new owner did an interview with the Meadville Tribune about their plans for the park's future.  It is definitely worth a read.  The new owners want to make the park the "premier event space" for the area, but are also focused on getting the rides, water park and other attractions opened back up.  That includes hopefully getting Kiddieland and the water park open for May, but they are not sure when the rest of the rides will be ready.

From the news article and also the above Facebook post, up first is demolishing structures at the park that are in bad shape - there were burned down buildings at the park when I visited years ago - and cleaning up the property.  Further down the road is a plan to use open space at the park as an outdoor amphitheater.  Plans to rebuild the Beach Club, a restaurant on the lake's edge that also burned down, are also under way.  More rides are on the horizon, but not immediately.

Interestingly the main individual behind the new owners became aware of the park while working on a plan to turn it into a 55+ community (glad that didn't work out) last year - he subsequently fell in love with the property and its potential.  Here's to the park turning a corner once again and welcoming back visitors this year!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Cedar Fair Parks Release Schedules for Summer Seasons

© Michigan's Adventure

Many Cedar Fair parks just released their summer schedules, through Labor Day, giving us the ability to plan out our summer trips.  The schedules vary by park, but generally speaking the plans seem pretty conservative right now at many of the parks.  Cedar Point released their plans earlier and we already covered that here, so we'll skip that park in this post.  Most parks previously released their opening dates as well, with their full schedules as the new information shared here.  Right now Knott's Berry Farm, California's Great America and Canada's Wonderland have not released their full schedules.  Let's dig in!

© Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun
will open May 22nd and Ocean of Fun will open on May 29th.  They've announced that Grand Carnivale will run July 24th through August 8th and Halloween Haunt will take place September 17th through October 31st.  They are the only park so far to confirm they are holding Halloween Haunt.  They also note that WinterFest will not be taking place this year.  

Their season through Labor Day is around 80 operating days, with hours varying from 11 am to 7 pm on weekdays, staying open to 8 pm on weekends and 9 pm during Grand Carnivale.  During their summer season the park will be open 7 days a week.

Dorney Park will open May 22nd and Wildwater Kingdom will open on May 29th.  The park will announce hours for the fall later this year.  Grand Carnivale will be returning it looks like July 24th through August 8th.  The park shows around 75 operating days through Labor Day.  The park will remain closed on Tuesdays during the summer season.  Hours are 11 am to 7 pm each day, with the exception of closing at 9 pm during Grand Carnivale.

© Valleyfair

will open on May 22nd and Soak City will open on May 29th.  Grand Carnivale will take place starting July 24th and run through August 8th.  Fall hours will be announced later, and through Labor Day there are around 64 operating days.  The park will remain closed Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday with some exceptions, like when Grand Carnivale is running.  Hours vary from 11 am to 7 pm some weekdays, 10 am to 8 pm on weekends and a 10 pm closing time during Grand Carnivale.

Michigan's Adventure will open on May 29th and WildWater Adventure will open on June 19th.  They will have around 63 operating days through Labor Day, but that will be their whole season as the park does not usually operate in the Fall.  The park will be closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays during their season.  Hours are 11 am to 6 pm in the early season, then 11 am to 7 pm the rest of the time.

© Carowinds

will open on May 22nd and Carolina Harbor will open on May 29th.  Fall hours will be announced later, and the park will hold Grand Carnivale from July 17th through August 1st.  Featuring around 87 operating days through Labor Day, Carowinds will stay open 7 days a week.  Hours are generally 11 am to 7 pm on early season week days, then closing at 8 pm mid-summer and a 9 pm close during Grand Carnivale.

Kings Dominion will open on May 22nd and Soak City will open on May 29th.  Like the other parks, Fall hours will be announced later and Grand Carnivale will be held July 17th through August 1st.  The calendar reflects 76 or so operating days through Labor Day, and the park will stay open 7 days a week during its busy season - however they do switch to weekends only pretty early in August.  Hours are generally 11 am to 7 pm weekdays and 11 am to 9 pm on weekends.

© Kings Island

Kings Island
will have a pass holders weekend on May 8th and 9th, then open to all on May 15th.  Soak City will open on May 29th.  Fall and winter hours will be announced later, and while I do not see Grand Carnival mentioned just yet if they do have it I'd assume it would run July 17th through August 1st as the company has three "sets" of the event and that is the only time slot available.  There are around 91 operating days listed through Labor Day, and the park will stay open 7 days a week.  Hours vary with an 11 am opening and closing anywhere from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Additionally, Schlitterbahn New Braunfels will open on May 8th and Schlitterbahn Galveston will open on May 15th.

While some other park operators are adding as many operating days as they can, we're seeing the opposite approach for most of the Cedar Fair parks.  It is important to remember that it's easier for parks to start with less operating days and add more should the demand need it, but I also think that a big consideration here is the current labor market.  Things are changing quickly with regard to vaccinations and the public feeling much more comfortable going out, so it will be interesting to see how things progress as the season happens.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Six Flags Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular Heads to Six Flags Great Adventure March 18-21

© Six Flags

Six Flags Great Adventure is offering something special to families looking for a safe way to get out of their homes on the weekend of March 18th through 21st.  The park will feature the Six Flags Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular on evenings during those dates, with two shows each night - 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm.

The Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular first debuted last month at Six Flags Darien Lake in New York, and was a hit with guests who enjoyed the combination of laser light effects, lights, special effects and a "rocking" soundtrack.  

© Six Flags Great Adventure

At Six Flags Great Adventure guests will park in the main lot every-other space for social distancing, and before and during the show there will be food and merchandise available to purchase.  Also of note, the park's Wild Safari  Drive-Thru Adventure will also open that weekend on March 20th, with the theme park kicking off its season on March 27th.

The cost for each person to attend the 30 minute Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular is $14.99 per person and $9.99 for active season pass holders and members.  Reservations are required ahead of time, and are available on the park's website.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Universal's Epic Universe Theme Park Project Officially Restarted

© Universal Orlando

More good news!  I like this streak of promising news we've been able to feature lately.  Late last week Universal Orlando confirmed that the construction of the resort's third theme park, Epic Universe, is kicking off once again in the near future.  The work on the site of the new theme park came to a halt last summer as uncertainty surrounding the pandemic made most entertainment companies rethink their spending on new projects.

Universal's post regarding the project restart says it will begin immediately, though could take several month for things to ramp up to full speed as they need to reassemble their workforce of vendors and contractors.

“We are excited to begin work on Epic Universe again and for what this moment means for our industry, our community, our business and our team members,” said Tom Williams, Chairman and CEO for Universal Parks & Resorts. “Our confidence in our collective future is as strong as ever.”


© Universal Orlando

When completed, the new Epic Universe theme park and associated amenities will employ 14,000 people.  The restart of the project will bring back hundreds of jobs to Universal itself, and thousands of jobs in Florida.


Located just a few minutes from the current Universal Orlando Resort, "Epic Universe will feature a new theme park, an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants and more.  It will be located on a 750-acre site that nearly doubles Universal’s total available acreage in Central Florida."


So how far back did this delay put Epic Universe's opening date?  Originally set for 2023, the Orlando Sentinel reports it is now planned for early 2025.  Much, much better later than never,

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Universal Orlando Announces Beetlejuice Haunted House for Halloween Horror Nights 30

© Universal Orlando

Here is another very positive sign that things are slowly returning to normal in the amusement industry - Universal Orlando has already announced their first haunted house for the upcoming Halloween Horror Nights 30.  The Beetlejuice house, which opened briefly last fall during the park's limited Halloween celebrations, will return this fall.


The event's 30th anniversary will kick off on September 3rd and run on selected nights through October 31st, 2021.  The full schedule can be seen on the park's website, and it offers more than 40 nights of fear during this year's run.   


© Universal Orlando

© Universal Orlando

The Beetlejuice house revisits the original movie and brings it to life, and the above photos shared by the park give a feel for a zany atmosphere inside the attraction.  Promising that bringing the film to life will be "more twisted and terrifying than ever," the haunt features checkerboard hallways, a Lost Souls room, the famous model graveyard, and the "infamous dinner party scene" and "Beetlejuice's chaotic wedding."

In past years, where a pandemic wasn't taking place, the park did start to announce house themes and licensed properties this early.  That seems to show a high level of confidence on the part of Universal that Halloween activities will be more normal this year.  We're all for it!

Saturday, March 6, 2021

California Amusement Parks Can Open April 1st With Strict Capacity Limitations

© Disney

California has provided a new plan that will allow amusement and theme parks to open in the state as soon as April 1st, although with strict capacity limitations in place.  Prior to Friday's update the only way to get to reopen a large park was for the county it is located in to reach the yellow or "minimal" rating, which has proven impossible as the pandemic continues.

Now, even parks in counties that are in the 2nd red "substantial" tier can open starting April 1st.  The reason this is important is because the counties that contain the largest parks in the state are expected to move from the purple "widespread" ranking into the red ranking in the next couple of weeks.  I believe that California's Great America is already in a county in the red ranking.

© California Dept of Public Health

In the red ranking parks are limited to 15% capacity, which is a very small amount.  The state wants no groups larger than 10 visiting the parks and no more than 3 household groups together.  Indoor attractions will have a 15% max capacity, with "time restrictions" in place, there will be no indoor dining and quite importantly, no out of state visitors are allowed at the parks.

In the orange or "moderate" ranking the capacity limits increase to 25%, with the other rules still in place, although indoor dining is allowed.  In the least restrictive yellow phase capacity is limited to 35%, but indoor capacity remains at 25%.

© Disney

So this is progress, no doubt, but 15% capacity will be a big issue for parks like Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Knott's Berry Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood.  One has to wonder if when they reopen with those restrictions in place if they will hold expanded versions of the food and retail festivals nearly all of them are already holding.  Knott's has been at this for almost a year now, with Disney and Universal joining them soon.  Adding some rides and attractions to the mix, kind of like what Busch Gardens Williamsburg has been doing, could but a good fit for 15% capacity.

These parks could continue to hold separate cost (or discounted for pass holders) events that will help them more easily stay within the 15% capacity limit, while still charging a higher ticket price that can help things stay positive at the bottom line.   Especially with the popular Disney parks, I can't see them just having it be a free for all with regular daily tickets offered for such a small attendance amount.  Perhaps this could work for parks up North, like California's Great America, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and while not North, even maybe Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Maybe.  I'm not convincing myself fully though.

© Universal Studios Hollywood

I remember last year a lot of parks started out by limiting the amount of season pass holder reservations available each day, but when the crowds didn't materialize those restrictions quickly fell off.  That could come back as a more important issue this year for the California parks.  I guess regardless of the capacity mix of pass holders versus day tickets, I can't image these parks will be able to open all their attractions with a 15% capacity limitation, as keeping costs to a minimum will be a major concern.

Unless, of course, we see daily ticket prices go up to $250 a person or something!  I think Disneyland Resort fans would happy whip out their credit cards, but probably not so viable for the other parks.  One thing is for sure, the parks will get creative and find some way to entertain their guests despite these strict rules.  And that's great news to look forward to!

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New Indoor/Outdoor Water Park Concept Art Update From OWA

OWA, a large entertainment destination area on the Gulf Coast in Alabama, has provided new views of their new indoor/outdoor water park that will open in 2022.  The facility will join The Park at OWA, an outdoor amusement park, and Downtown OWA, with shopping, retail and a hotel.  The project is now under construction and the property has set up a web page for it, but there is not a lot of detail at this time aside from these new renderings.

The majority of the water park attractions will be located inside a building that is able to open on the sides to feed into the outdoor section.  From these drawings the outdoor area appears to contain a large wave pool, a surf simulator, plenty of cabanas and lounge areas and some additional amenities.  It certainly looks like the park plans to have "dive-in" movie showings on a large screen set up at the end of the wave pool.



The water attractions offered indoor includes a selection of slides, a water play area, lazy river and more.   On these conceptual drawings you can see what looks like a selection of Proslide attractions, including both tube and body slides.  The giant octopus tentacles are a nice touch, too!  The park does not look to carry a distinct theme, but it's always fun to have some theming around nonetheless.

As for the location of the new indoor/outdoor water park, it appears as though it will take up a currently empty location just to the east of the amusement park.  The above plan shows how it will fit among the existing attractions.  The amusement park's latest addition, an indoor interactive dark ride, can be seen right up against the new indoor water park near the top of the image.


Stay tuned for future updates as the construction continues.