Sunday, March 31, 2019

Aquatica Orlando's New Slide - KareKare Curl - Opens April 12th

© Aquatica Orlando
A thrilling new water slide named KareKare Curl will be holding its grand opening at Aquatica Orlando on April 12th, the park has announced.

Although a curious water slide name at first, KareKare means "waves" in the Maori language, so upon a bit more thought it makes perfect sense when paired with curl.  The new slide features a giant curled shape wall that riders will be sliding on during the adventure.

© Aquatica Orlando
Also called a "wave wall," sliders will encounter the dramatic finish to the slide after they meander through a colorful enclosed section of the slide.  Then will fly down a steep drop and into the curled wall section, giving a brief moment of weightlessness as they come to a stop and slide back down to finish their run.  The above concept art from the park gives an idea of how the finished product will look.

Aquatica Orlando is also advertising themselves as the "thrill leader among Florida" water parks, noting that they have "more high thrill riders than any other" water park.  The addition of KareKare Curl come just one season after Aquatica Orlando opened Ray Rush, which was voted the world's best new water ride in a nationwide poll.

To learn more about KareKare Curl and Aquatica Orlando, check out their official website.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Surprise! Mickey's PhilarMagic Opening at Disney California Adventure Next Month

© Disney
It is not often that one of the Disney parks announces a new attraction and it doesn't take many months, or in some cases years, for the ride to open.  This week Disney California Adventure announced that Mickey's PhilarMagic will open in April at the park's Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land.

There is a decent chance that many readers have already experienced the 3-D show that is Mickey's PhilharMagic, since it has been open at the Magic Kingdom in Florida since 2003.  It is also already open in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Paris as well, so the California resort's addition will leave the show only missing in China.

The show stars not only Mickey, but also Donald Duck, as the two, along with "other favorite characters take the stage for an experience that immerses the audience in a magical, musical adventure set in the fantastic world of classic Disney animated musical sequences from films such as Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and Aladdin."  Of course as Donald is transported into the various scenes with popular Disney music filling the theater, there's a bit of his usual high jinks as well.

The location being used for Mickey's PhilharMagic was once the home of the Muppet Vision 3-D show, which closed at the park in 2014.  It has been used for various special events and limited engagements, usually tied to major films, ever since.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

SeaWorld Orlando Opens Highly Themed Sesame Street Expansion

© SeaWorld Orlando
Families visiting SeaWorld Orlando have an exciting new area to explore now that an entire Sesame Street themed expansion is open.  The "highly interactive and immersive" area features all the characters of the beloved Sesame Street, and life sized recreations of the popular neighborhood.  Famous locations that families will know from the show include "Abby Cadabby’s Garden, Big Bird’s Nest, Mr. Hooper’s Store and the famous 123 Stoop, as well as everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends."

© SeaWorld Orlando
According to SeaWorld Orlando, the debut of this highly-anticipated, six-acre world class attraction is the largest Sesame Street land inside of any of the SeaWorld parks and an exciting part of Sesame Street’s year-long 50th anniversary celebration.

“We are thrilled to officially welcome guests to walk down Sesame Street for the very first time in the theme park capital of the world,” said Mark Pauls, President of SeaWorld Orlando. “This highly-anticipated, immersive new land is the largest Sesame Street land inside of any of our SeaWorld parks. With over 30 new ways to play and an award-winning parade, this is a new land that guests of all ages will love, and we are excited to share it with the world.”

© SeaWorld Orlando
Education is the foundation of Sesame Street, and the new land at SeaWorld Orlando is no different.  The expansion includes many interactive learning elements, such as Elmo's Window where small visitors can play, sing and dance, and Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck Challenge, where kids can follow video instructions to create meals with Cookie Monster and Gonger.

The area also features six themed rides: Abby’s Flower Tower, Cookie Drop!, Slimey’s Slider,  Big Bird’s Twirl ‘n’ Whirl, Elmo’s Choo Choo Train and Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.  There are also both wet and dry playgrounds that kids are sure to love.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Using a new interactive device, called Elmo's Light-Up Bubble Want, kids can unlock interactive and secret hidden surprises that further bring Sesame Street to life.  The level of detail that SeaWorld Orlando has invested in the new area is impressive, and these interactive features make it even better!

Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando also includes a daily Sesame Street Party Parade, several food trucks with unique menu items, a large photo area for guests to meet their favorite characters, and Mr. Hooper's Store, a large shopping area.

For more information on this exciting new area, check out SeaWorld Orlando's website.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cedar Fair to Purchase Land Under California's Great America for $150m

© Google Maps
Cedar Fair announced today that they have reached an agreement with the City of Santa Clara to purchase the land under California's Great America for approximately $150 million.  Previously the city owned the land and Cedar Fair, and the owners before it, leased it from them.  The park originally opened in 1976.

Cedar Fair President and CEO Richard A. Zimmerman said, “This is a once in a generation opportunity to solidify our control of 112 acres in the heart of Santa Clara. The transaction underscores our long-term commitment to enhancing and expanding California’s Great America, insuring a high-quality, family-friendly entertainment destination for those who live and work in Northern California.”

Calfornia's Great America has had a history where, at times, it has seemed as though the park's future was in doubt.  The building of the 49ers stadium near the park caused a lot of friction, and tight zoning restrictions were also required by Cedar Fair to be removed in order to clear the path for the future of the park.  Those zoning changes were made in 2017, where a new master plan was issued for the park (read more here and here).  That plan was filled with new rides, a water park expansion, and the creation of an outside-the-park dining, entertainment, and retail area. 

© California's Great America
The plan started strong with infrastructure improvements in 2018, RailBlazer this past year, but appeared stalled once again.  The park had applied for a tall roller coaster for 2019, then pushed it to 2020, then dropped the application completely.  The park also cleared out a huge area for an expected water park expansion that seemed certain for this year, but that hasn't materialized either.  It is focusing on additional small improvements and changes for 2019.

But now with this purchase made public, perhaps a bit of light is shed on what the hold up was - conjecture on my part of course, but maybe Cedar Fair was more comfortable owning the land under the park before it started to pour tens of millions into the park.

Time will tell on that, but the news is definitely encouraging.  Cedar Fair expects to close the purchase of the park in the next three months, and will finance it through new long-term borrowings.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Dorney Park to Celebrate This Summer With Grand Carnivale International Celebration

© Dorney Park
Dorney Park has announced that this summer, specifically July 20th through August 11th, the park will come alive each night with a brand new signature event named Grand Carnivale.  The experience will feature a festive atmosphere complete with an all-new Spectacle of Color Parade, new entertainment and dining experiences, along with a Carnival Street Party that will keep the fun going until park close.

The event is actually being launched at four Cedar Fair parks this year, with Kings Dominion, Kings Island and Worlds of Fun also premiering the spectacle of Grand Carnivale.

Described as a "one-of-a-kind immersive evening spectacular featuring a high-spirited parade and nightly street party; the richly-themed event will spotlight a kaleidoscope of cultures with food, drink and live entertainment from around the world."  Grand Carnivale will explore the "energy, splendor and mystery of China, France, Germany, India and Italy with authentic food, signature beverages, music, dance and performances."

© Dorney Park
Grand Carnivale will start with a nightly Spectacle of Color Parade, a major production that will feature nine elaborate floats created in partnership between 3dx, a scenic experience designer, and Kern Studios, who has created floats for New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebration for decades.  The floats will feature bright colors and lights, and include a "larger-than-life elephant, Bollywood performers, a Jules Verne airship" and more.  The parade will be hosted by the King of Carnivale, and his elaborate cast of performers will have ornate costumes and throw plenty of beads to visitors as the floats pass.  The parade will also feature an "electrifying musical score" to top things off.

At Dorney Park, the parade is planned to start near the Carousel Grove, move through the main pathway of Planet Snoopy, turn past White Water Landing and head down the Main Midway toward the park's entrance.  The park will be releasing more details about the production as the event draws closer.

© Dorney Park
When the parade is over several of the floats will park along the Main Midway, which will quickly transform into the Carnivale Street Party.  The park is installing new infrastructure along the Main Midway to accommodate the fun, including all new festive lighting, several new performance stages, and a food and beverage booth representing each of the celebrated countries.  There will also be a separate bar in the area serving adult beverages.

The Carnivale Street Party will feature a huge cast of characters, including many of those in the parade, plenty of activities and interactive experiences aimed at all age levels, live music and more.  The party-like atmosphere will be bright, colorful and fun, to say the least. 

The food and beverage booths representing the various countries will offer a limited menu of unique dishes that fit the country's theme, along with a unique themed beverage as well. 

© Dorney Park
A couple other tidbits about Dorney Park's plans for 2019 arrived today as well, including the creation of The Solomon Center, which is a new park employee training, learning and meeting location in what was formerly the Dino-Store.  Named to honor the man credited with starting the park's development, the location may not be open to the public but will serve a great purpose to park team members.  Also, a new set of restrooms will open in Wildwater Kingdom, located on the walkway to the main locker rental center built a few years back.  The park has also added another weekend onto the operating season, marking the latest into the year that the park has ever been open - Friday November 1st through Sunday November 3rd.

Finally, the park promises that all this isn't the last new news to come out regarding the 2019 season, we'll have to stay tuned for exactly what that is!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Green Lantern: First Flight has Taken its Last Flight

© Google Maps
Over the weekend Screamscape was able to confirm with Six Flags Magic Mountain that Green Lantern: First Flight has been retired from the park's roster of attractions.

The coaster was the last of the Intamin Ball Coasters (aka ZacSpin) to be built, opening at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2011.  Before that there had been three versions of the Ball Coaster constructed, all in Europe, and those are still operating.

The Green Lantern: First Flight had a complicated history at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and didn't operate much of last year.  The ride was operated as a toned down version of what the hardware was capable of, and according to many riders that made for a surprisingly uncomfortable experience.

If you're not familiar with the ride, check out this video from Sharp Productions:

The Intamin Ball Coasters are a predecessor to S&S Worldwide's 4-D Free Spin rides, which have appeared at many Six Flags parks, but use gravity to spin the cars along the way.  The Ball Coasters feature individual cars with riders seated back to back and use a stacked-layout to create moments of inversions and thrilling forces.  If you compare the above video to this one of Insane at Grona Lund, you can see how different a ride experience the Green Lantern provided.

Now the question is will the coaster meet the scrap yard, be sold off, or perhaps even appear at another Six Flags property in the future?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

New Photo Update Shows Silver Dollar City's Mystery 2020 Water Ride Construction

© NewsPlusNotes
With parks opening for the year left and right, we're getting our first look at some big projects that have progressed over the winter months.  One of the ones I'm highly interested in is the replacement water ride for Silver Dollar City's Lost River of the Ozarks (pictured above), which closed for good last season.  With most parks removing aging water rides in the past decade, it really grabs my attention to see a new one going in as few replacements have popped up to offset the removals.

We already knew that Silver Dollar City was clearing out a large portion of the park where the ride was located, and changing up the adjacent lake as well.  Now that the park is open we can see how dramatically different the area looks!

MidwestInfoGuide has visited the park and posted a great update of the new water ride's construction.  Make sure to follow the link and check out all their information and photos.

Aside from the massive cleared area, there are physical sections of the new ride going up.  One part, as MidwestInfoGuide points out, definitely looks like a station area, but there is also a section of concrete trough in place with more being built.  The trough makes a tight turn on the far side (not far from Fire In The Hole and the Pizza place) of the work site.  It is hard to gauge from the photos, but the trough looks smaller than usual river rapids rides, but it would be easier to tell if there were workers in the photo.  It definitely looks to me like a free flowing river attraction though, no track or anything involved.

I'm excited to see exactly what this turns out to be!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Kennywood Tops Off The 220 Foot Peak of The Steel Curtain

© Kennywood
Kennywood's massive new roller coaster, The Steel Curtain, reached its maximum height of 220 feet this past week when the very top of the lift hill track was installed.

The park had a ton of press to the construction site to get an update on the record breaking coaster, which will be a part of the new Steelers Country themed area.

© Kennywood
The Steel Curtain is already a very imposing structure that is towering over Kennywood.  With bright gold supports and black track (Pittsburgh Steelers colors, of course), the ride is hard to miss.  If you have any doubts about that, check out this photo of the ride over the park's skyline from Kennywood Connection!

© Kennywood
Featuring a North America record of 9 inversions, The Steel Curtain is going to be one of the most thrilling coasters on the planet.  It's truly unique design and unrelenting track layout has coaster enthusiasts drooling - but considering the press that the ride is getting it seems just about everyone's curiosity has been piqued.

© Kennywood
Not only is the coaster 220 feet tall - tallest of any roller coaster in Pennsylvania - but soon after the trains reach the summit they drop slightly then do a full inversion at 197 feet in the air.  Yes, that's just three tiny feet short of inverting a full 200 feet in the air!  Needless to say, The Steel Curtain will push thrill seekers to the max with its extreme maneuvers.

A large portion of the ride's structure is now up, but there are still several very large support sections to go up to hold the first drop and the second half of the Sea Serpent.  With Spring now officially here, I'd watch for those last parts to go up rather quickly!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

All New Peanuts Celebration Coming To Valleyfair This June

© Valleyfair
Valleyfair will hold their first-ever Peanuts Celebration this June, the theme park has announced.  Already a popular event at Knott's Berry Farm, the Peanuts Celebration has slowly been opening at other Cedar Fair parks over the last few years.

It will run at Valleyfair from June 8th through June 30th, and will give guests a ton of reasons to visit the park during their new signature festival.

© Valleyfair
The Peanuts Celebration is "uniquely dedicated to celebrating the beloved Peanuts characters and invites guests to step inside the pages of a Charles M. Schulz comic strip as the characters take over the park for the very first time."

Each weekend the event runs the theme park will give visitors "new ways to play and interact with the Peanuts Gang throughout the park.  Valleyfair will spend each weekend celebrating Charles Schulz's creation with enthusiasm only found in Minnesota."  "This event draws on the roots the Schulz family built in Minnesota," Raul Rehnborg, Valleyfair's General Manager, said, "We are sure that guests will find the fun, joy, and humor in this event that Charles Schulz portrayed in each of his comics."

© Valleyfair
During the Peanuts Celebration, Valleyfair will be filled with special decorations and feature comic-inspired photo opportunities, live shows, character interactions, exclusive merchandise, a silent dance party, special food and beverage, Pig Pen's animal meet and greet, drawing lessons, and even a Charlie Brown day (and guests named Charlie Brown get in free that day!).  And that's not even all the special activities and events that will make up the Peanuts Celebration!

This video shows off just some of the fun that will take place at the Peanuts Celebration, to learn more about the event, head over to Valleyfair's website.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Park at OWA Building New Mystic Mansion Dark Ride

© Sally Corporation
Going into its third summer season The Park at OWA has announced a brand new dark ride, created by Sally Corporation and named Mystic Mansion.

According to Sally, the new ride will be a variation of their popular Ghost Blasters attraction, which has been installed in around 10 parks to date.  The Park at OWA's version will feature "the best scenes and gags of past versions, plus the addition of a few new surprises.  Four-passenger ride cars will take riders through 13 whimsical and spooky rooms of the haunted mansion, all rendered in glowing, surrealistically colorful ultraviolet paint."  As with other Sally Ghost Blaster rides, passengers will blast ghosts for points (there will be upwards of 90 targets), creating an interactive and competitive aspect during the 3 minute ride.

The park wanted to build an indoor dark ride for a way to allow guests to enjoy an air conditioned attraction, giving them a break from the sun.  A dark ride, especially one from Sally, is a great way to accomplish this.

© The Park at OWA
“We knew we wanted an indoor attraction, something engaging and fun for families. When we decided on an interactive dark ride, there was no better choice than the specialists at Sally,” said Director of OWA Marketing/PR, Kristin Hellmich.  “Of course we want quality, something that will stand the test of time, but what we’re really after is having park guests leave with a memory that they will want to relive, time and time again. And that’s what you get with a Sally ride."

Also new this summer at the park will be a non-rider pass, allowing visitors to enter the park with groups but not pay to ride.  Paying guests will be given wrist bands.

At the greater OWA destination, a brand new Paula Deen restaurant, candy shop, competitive gaming center along with a 400 seat theater showing Legends in Concert, will open this year.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Fun Spot America Orlando Working on New Interactive Water Play Expansion for Summer 2019

© Fun Spot America
Fun Spot America Orlando has been teasing fans for a couple weeks about a new development that they are working on.  This past Friday the park let everyone know that a large new interactive water play area will open this summer at the Orlando location.

These concept art drawings show the interactive water pad which is being created by Aquatic Design & Engineering.  The expansive area will be a popular respite during the hot summer months in the Florida sun!  Fun Spot America Orlando has long talked of building a water park, and perhaps this is their first step in that process.

© Fun Spot America
There will be a total of 30 different interactive features when the project is complete, and guests will have unlimited access to them all under Fun Spot America's all-day arm band pass.

“We are excited to begin this next phase of our development plan and adding this amazing interactive water feature is the first step we have been working towards for some time now. We have had some very productive planning meetings working towards this new attraction and our fans have been very engaged with us along this journey. Orlando and central Florida is an amazing and beautiful area and we are very thankful to be a part of such a great community.” said John Arie Jr, CEO/Owner at Fun Spot America.

© Fun Spot America
“When we approached the design for the interactive water feature, we took Fun Spot’s motto of ‘Safe-Clean-Fun’ to heart,” said Josh Martin, President and Creative Director of Aquatic Design & Engineering. “Not only is this water feature a fun way to beat the heat for any member of the family, but it also exceeds the highest levels of safety and sanitation.  The nearly 4,000-square-foot interactive water feature includes state-of-the-art slip-resistant soft flooring, and it uses environmentally-friendly, advanced UV Ray technology to disinfect the water without harsh chemicals.”

The water play area will also use motion sensors to conserve energy, turning on the water features only when there are guests nearby.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

New Infinity Racers Slide Tower Opening at Schitterbahn Galveston This Summer

© Schlitterbahn Galveston
A pair of record-breaking head first mat racing water slides will open this summer at Schlitterbahn Galveston, the water park has revealed.

Called Infinity Racers, the slides will be individually named Orbiter and Galaxy and be themed after outer space and the great men and women of the NASA program, according to Schlitterbahn Galveston.

The multi-million dollar investment is planned to open in June of 2019.

© Schlitterbahn Galveston
This layout shows the individual paths of both Orbiter and Galaxy, each start at 75 feet above the ground.  Mat racing slides are traditionally much smaller than this and features a few mild hills on the way down, but Schlitterbahn Galveston has sized-up the slides to a full 696 feet long.

The slides will be built out of a pairing of Schlitterbahn and WhiteWater West, containing enclosed slide sections from start to final splashdown.  The paths will feature unique sections of slide that let multi-colored light into each side in alternating patterns.  The main colors of the slide are "deep space blue, event horizon green and astronaut ice cream pink."

The new slides will be built on the top of an existing tower that already has three slides currently coming off of it - a great way to save costs and space!

Clementon Amusement Park to Expand with New Ride Package in 2019

© Clementon Amusement Park
New Jersey's Clementon Amusement Park has announced a big expansion for 2019 that will see the addition of 4 new family rides.

Marketed as bringing back "old fashioned family fun," the additions will be four "retro ride favorites."  All of the rides will be family oriented, with some a bit more thrilling than others.
The additions, as explained in this video from the park, include a Dragon Coaster (a smaller ride for kids and families), a Pirate Ship, Tilt-a-Whirl and Scrambler.

These attractions, at least the flat rides, are common staples at amusement parks and fairs across the country, and are generally loved by all.  The Tilt-a-Whirl will be perfect for smaller kids and their families, with the Scrambler a step up from that and finally the Pirate Ship giving some bigger swinging thrills.

The Dragon Coaster, while a small model, is greatly needed as the park's only other coaster is Hell Cat, a rough and tumble traditional wooden roller coaster that opened in 2004.  Small kids who aren't ready for Hell Cat are sure to enjoy a trip on the Dragon Coaster.

© Google Maps
I haven't seen any information about where in Clementon Park the new rides will be located.  The park is quite small and densely packed, though there are a few existing open spaces that could be filled without moving into the parking area.  The park is heavily trafficked for its picnic facilities, and I think the four new rides will help keep guests occupied on cooler days when the water park isn't a viable option. 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Details of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Revealed by Universal Orlando

© Universal Orlando
After recently finding out the official name of the long under-construction attraction at Islands of Adventure, which is Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in case you've forgotten, this week also saw the release of more details of the ride.

The park released the above concept art for the ride, which mirrors the awesome aerials we've been following for months from Bioreconstruct on Twitter.  The journey will take place in the forbidden forest outside of Hogwarts Castle, where riders will join Hagrid's Care of Magical Creatures class, and board enchanted motorbikes that look very similar to Hagrid's.  Riders will be seated two across, one on the motorcycle and one in the side car.

The journey will be intended to safely show off all of the magical creatures in the forbidden forest, but of course not everything will go to plan during the roller coaster ride.  Universal Orlando has confirmed that along the way you'll see Fluffy the three-headed dog, Cornish Pixies, Centaurs, and the Devil's Snare.  There will also be a creature in the ride that's never been featured in the Harry Potter films, but it is being kept a secret for now.

Other facts released about the ride include the planting of 1,200 trees in the area of the ride to fully recreated the forbidden forest, that the ride will go both forward and backward, and that it will have a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

Check out the video embedded below for more about Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Islands of Adventure.

Aquatica San Antonio Opens New Ihu's Breakaway Falls Thrill Slides

© Aquatica San Antonio
It may be chilly in many parts of the country, but in sunny Texas Aquatica San Antonio, located next door to SeaWorld San Antonio, has already opened their new thrill water slides, Ihu's Breakaway Falls.

The tower, which conts three separate slides, green, orange and blue, can be seen above standing around 8 stories above the water park.

© Aquatica San Antonio
Ihu's Breakaway Falls is the tallest multi-tower drop slide in all of Texas, as the giant banner seen here advertises.  The three body slide paths contain one typical slide start, with guests sliding down into the chute.  The other two feature drop chambers where riders enter and "as the door closes, they cross their arms and give a thumbs up in preparation for their drop – not knowing when the floor beneath them will disappear.  Facing each other, riders watch as fellow riders fall. A fter dropping in, riders descend at 20 -24 feet per second into a spiraling speed slide before racing into a final splashdown."

© Aquatica San Antonio
Here is a close up view of the drop chambers, this lucky rider is anxiously waiting for the floor beneath them to drop out!  Also note in the background how far you can see from the top of the tower!

"We are really pleased that guests to Aquatica San Antonio can experience this thrilling drop-tower so early in the 2019 season, giving them more reasons to visit the park again and again,” explained Carl Lum, SeaWorld & Aquatica San Antonio Park President.  “Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is an amazing addition to the already impressive line-up of rides and experiences at Aquatica San Antonio.”

© Aquatica San Antonio
The view of Aquatica San Antonio from the top of Ihu's Breakaway Falls, around 80 feet in the air, is quite impressive - as seen in this photo from the park.  Aquatica has seen great expansion in the seasons since it opened, and is now a playground of bright tropical colors with multiple thrilling family slides and attractions.  For more on Aquatica San Antonio, click here.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lagoon Amusement Park Already Working on New Coaster for 2021

© Fox 13 Salt Lake City
It seems that Lagoon Amusement Park, in Utah, is always working on some project, whether big or small, and usually completing the task in-house.  That was certainly the case with their massive roller coaster Cannibal, which opened in 2015, an impressive ride with a 208 foot vertical lift, a 116 degree first drop and several inversions along the course.

The park has moved on to their next big project, which appears to be another large roller coaster, for 2021.  This news story spoke with the park about the expansion, but they're not giving much away about it yet.  In fact, most assumed the ride would open in 2020 but the park made it pretty clear that the soonest we will see this open in 2021.

Aerial footage of the construction site shows a work area that's about as big as Cannibal's, with some large footings going into place.  Really the only other thing that Lagoon would confirm is that the ride will be very different form Cannibal, and a one of a kind in the world.

Lagoon trademarked the name Primordial for some sort of attraction, and many think the ride under construction will be it - though only the park knows for sure.  One thing is for sure, for footings for something that looks more like a building than a coaster already going in this must be a rather large project! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bay Beach Amusement Park Building 100 Foot Tall Ferris Wheel for 2019

Green Bay, Wisconsin's Bay Beach Amusement Park is well known for its recreation of the famous Zippin Pippin wooden roller coaster, but in 2019 it's adding some more gentle thrills to the ride lineup.  The unique municipal amusement park along the shore of the Green Bay of Lake Michigan is building a 100 foot tall Ferris wheel that is the start of an even larger project.

The ride recently started to be built at the park, as the image above and this news story from show.  Formally known as The Big Wheel, it will give amazing views of Green Bay when it begins operation this summer.

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
The Ferris Wheel will be the start of an renovation to the property that will eventually lead to visitors being able to swim in the bay - something that hasn't been available in almost 100 years.  The wheel will be located at the base of a 450 foot long pier that will extend into the bay, seen above, offering even more picturesque views of the water.

© Bay Beach Amusement Park
Bay Beach is hoping to be able to then open a 1,000 foot long sand beach by 2020 that will allow for swimming in the lake, and plenty of other summertime fun.  This drawing shows how the new Ferris wheel will be an integral part of the plans.  Fundraising for the remaining money needed to complete the beach project are ongoing, with more information available here.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Scott And Carol Present - Construction Photos of Kentucky Kingdom's Kentucky Flyer


We met up with Sam, who arranged for the rain to pause, so we didn't get soaking wet during our tour. He has a long history with the park as a Louisville native and regaled us with park stories during our tour.     


From high above on a water slide, you can see the construction crew tracking the first drop. Just beyond the canopy over the station, you can see the transfer track. Kentucky Flyer will have two (2) trains.


Even the crossover section has lots of airtime to thrill you and not-so-young alike. This gives a great view of some of the twelve moments of airtime on the ride.


The turnaround will obviously generate some strong laterals, hence the extra support. By using a steel support structure, the park can save money on maintenance and lots of space.

It might not be the tallest drop, but since Kentucky Kingdom wanted a bluegrass version of Wooden Warrior, you know this is just the beginning of a ride with loads of airtime.

The outbound leg rise high above the return track. Notice how instead of going just up and down, there will be changes of direction mixed in with the airtime. Our thanks to Sam, and Kentucky Kingdom for whetting our appetites on this dreary day. We can hardly wait for 4/28/2019 for the park to open.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

As Parks Grow, Alabama Adventure + Splash Adventure Gain Separate Identities

The past 5 years have seen great development at Alabama Adventure Amusement Park & Splash Adventure Water Park.  So much that the two parks will now have their own names, logos and identities (seen above) - which differs from the previous combined name of Alabama's Splash Adventure.  However, the parks will remain a two parks for the price of one combination, with one ticket giving admission to both parks.

The park will open in May for its 6th season under the Koch family's leadership, and they have quickly built back up the offerings on the amusement park side since taking over.  With 5 new rides added last year, and another one this year, the park now needs its own identity due to all of its offerings.

And they're not stopping in 2019, as they've already decided to add 10 days to the park's operating season and have announced something new for both Splash Adventure and Alabama Adventure.

© Alabama Adventure
Crews are hard at work digging footers for Splash Adventure's all-new Twister water slide.  The slide will twist around last year's addition, the FreeFall water slide, which can be seen in the photo above.  Containing several tight curves and bright colors, the Twister slide will be another thrilling addition to the water park.

© Alabama Adventure
The big new ride at Alabama Adventure this year is seen here, named The Galleon.  The swinging ship ride is a classic at many amusement parks, and will give a family-thrill that is a big of a step up for the flat rides currently at the park.  Alabama Adventure is now up to about 15 flat rides for families and children, and of course the star of the park remains the Rampage wooden roller coaster.

In 2019 the park is also expanding and beautifying and repaving several of their walkways, performing track improvements on Rampage to keep it running smooth and fast, bringing back the high-dive show from last year, and adding 120 new large size lockers.

© Google Earth
Also interesting to look at, this image from last April (via Google Earth) shows how much of the park has been brought back to life so far.  There's still plenty of room for more additions as time passes, but you can see they've removed most of the log flume's foundations, though the shoot-the-chutes and river rapids rides are still sitting untouched - for now.