Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Look at Lagoon's New Rides + Park Update

One of our longtime readers, Sid, was kind enough to send in some photos from Lagoon's 2013 season, which just started this past weekend.  The park has added two new family attractions this year, and also spruced up some existing ones.

We will start with the sprucing up - which involves some new paint on two of the park's big rides.  Above is the Wild Mouse, which has received a shiny new paint job this year.  The ride looks great now - the green track really stands out against the yellow supports.

The Wild Mouse is a standard model from Mauer Sohne, featuring individual cars and plenty of tight twists and turns.  The ride previously featured a pinkish track with yellow supports.

Another ride that looks good as new this season is the mighty Colossus the Fire Dragon.  The Schwarzkopf classic is celebrating its 25th anniversary at the park this year, having opened at Lagoon in 1984.

The Fire Dragon's colors haven't changed, but the whole ride has been repainted.  The supports are still white with blue track, except for the loops which sport a golden color.  I still miss Laser from Dorney Park - and since Germany is a bit far this ride is my closest similar ride!

As for new rides, as I mentioned earlier the park has added two family rides for this season.  They weren't quite ready for opening day, but should be up and running quite soon.

Both attractions were purchased from Zamperla - and as is common with their rides they have a personal touch for Lagoon.  The first is a set of tea cups, shown above, which have the park's logo on each of the cups.  The full name of the attraction at Lagoon is the Tipsy Tea Cups. 

The tea cups hadn't been placed when the park opened, but their future home was well underway.  Above is a shot of that space.  I really like how Lagoon seems to put a ton of thought and details into even the smallest of their new attractions.

The second new ride is named Red Rock Rally, a children's whip style attraction.  The off road vehicles turn around a bunch of artificial rocks that add to the theming - a perfect example of the extra effort that the park puts into additions.

One last shot of the Red Rock Rally.  They look pretty much complete so it can't be long before they're ready for passengers!

Thanks again to Sid for sharing the photos with us!