Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Supports Go Up for Bonzai Pipelines at Six Flags New England

© Six Flags New England
This photo from Six Flags New England was released last week and I kept meaning to point it out to everyone but just remembered.  Better late than never!

This is the support structure going up for the park's new water slide tower, Bonzai Pipelines.  The attraction will feature six trap-door drop slides twisted around one another and will be created by Splashtacular, a company new to the Six Flags chain as far as I know.

© Splashtacular
This concept image is from Splashtacular's website - Six Flags New England's colors will be different when it is finished.  The slide design is called Down Under and certainly looks like something that has the "wow factor" and capacity to fit in many major parks.  The slides feature sections of see-through tube so that spectators can have fun watching riders plummet downward.

But back to the top image - the ride's supports are just going up and already the tower is impressive looking, at least in my opinion.  The tower will stand around 65 feet tall when complete, and is fairly compact for a ride of its size.

Six Flags America will also open a clone of the slide tower as well, though I have not seen any construction photos of their instillation yet.  I look forward to seeing just how twisted the tower appears with all the slides attached!