Sunday, February 28, 2021

Peppa Pig Theme Park Coming to Legoland Florida Resort in 2022

© Legoland Florida

Now we all know just exactly what Legoland Florida submitted plans for late last year!  A mystery at the time, we correctly speculated that a separate gate might be opening next to Legoland Florida, and it has now been announced that the Peppa Pig Theme Park will open in 2022.

The Peppa Pig Theme Park will be a totally separate attraction at the Legoland Florida Resort, not an extension of the existing theme park in any way.  "This all-new theme park will feature multiple rides, interactive attractions, themed playscapes and water play areas—complete with “muddy puddles” of course—and fun live shows daily."


© Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida has released some basic concept art for portions of the park, pretty stylized at this point.  Above is the theme park's main gate - of course none of the park's theme will make any sense if you haven't watched the show before.  If you have small kids then you probably have bumped into the program before.


© Legoland Florida

As for the full roster of rides and attractions, the park's hasn't released that level of detail just yet.  But you can be sure that all attractions will be squarely aimed at small kids and their families.  The park looks to serve as a compliment to Legoland Florida in the sense that it will entertain even younger kids than the theme park proper since the Peppa Pig franchise is aimed at preschoolers.

More details about the park will be released through the year as the opening draws closer.  You can stay up to date on the Peppa Pig Theme Park's website as well.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Kentucky Kingdom Joins the Herschend Family Entertainment Family of Parks

© Kentucky Kingdom

After a week of much speculation, it has been officially announced that Kentucky Kingdom has become a part of the Herschend Family Entertainment family of parks and attractions.  The park and their new operator held a large press conference to share the news, which can be viewed here on the park's website.

No news about the park's sale price or other transaction details are available at this time since Herschend is a private company, but the press release does note that Herschend has "become a majority partner and operator" of the amusement and water park.  Kentucky Kingdom can now call parks such as Dollywood and Silver Dollar City as siblings, though Herschend has a much larger portfolio than just those well known parks.

“We are pleased to turn the park over to a new generation of leadership.  Herschend is an outstanding operator, who will undoubtedly take Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay to the next level.  We expect their involvement will add greatly to the Commonwealth’s thriving tourism industry,” said Kentucky Kingdom’s founder, President and CEO Ed Hart.


© Kentucky Kingdom

The park will have new leadership immediately as a result of the transaction, with Herschend's Craig Ross assuming the role of the park's General Manager.  Mr. Ross recently served as General Manager of Dollywood for ten years, and saw that park through some ambitious expansion plans.


As for the future of Kentucky Kingdom, Herschend outlined several priorities for the coming years.  These include "building the appeal for multi-generational families; hosting family-friendly seasonal and themed events and festivals; enhancing product and guest experiences through rebranding and the addition of Herschend-owned programming, such as costume character appearances; expanding of the season to provide entertainment to more park guests; and building relationships with state and local tourism partners to increase awareness and entice travel to Kentucky Kingdom, Louisville and the Commonwealth."


Kentucky Kingdom has announced that they will open for the 2021 season on May 8th.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Cedar Point Releases Spring + Summer 2021 Schedule + New Fun for '21

© Cedar Point

Cedar Point has put out a press release that covers the park's plans for their Spring and Summer 2021 season, with any potential fall fun to be revealed at a later time.  The news includes the release of the park's operating calendar for the first two thirds of their season, which will help fans plan their trips.

Cedar Point will continue with their 150th anniversary celebration in 2021, which was largely delayed from the 2020 season.  The fun kicks off June 26th and continues daily through August 15th.  Included in the party is the Celebrate 150 Spectacular parade, which features spectacular floats that travel through the park, which culminates in a big street party with music, dancing, pyrotechnics and more.  Building on new retail and food offerings that took place in 2020, the park has even more new fun planned for the 150th celebration this year.

© Cedar Point

Starting on May 29th visitors will get their first trip on Snake River Expedition, which is new for 2021.  The park has released a couple promotional images of the ride (seen above and up top) and I know we're all anxious to experience the finished product firsthand.  Many fans have longed for the return of boat trips around the park's internal lagoon, myself included.  The ride will feature a cast of live characters along with animated scenes and "danger" around every bend.

© Cedar Point

When the park opens for the season on May 14th guests will be able to enjoy the Frontier Festival, returning again this year with some changes.  Guest will find that "Frontier Town will transform into a Wild West hootenanny, brimming with live music, interactive games for adults and kids, festive d├ęcor, street entertainers and a mouth-watering food and drink menu."  The park's partnership with Prayers From Maria will grow this year, with more sunflowers used as a theme for the festival, including unique merchandise that benefits the organization.  Overall the park's food and beverage will carry a cherry theme this year, with cherries used to create sweet and savory food and beverage.

At the end of the summer season the popular Cedar Point Nights will return as well.  Located on the Cedar Point Beach, the event features evening fun such as live music, games, special food and more. 

Sunday, February 21, 2021

New York State Allows Amusement Parks to Reopen Under New Guidelines

© Luna Park

Amusement and theme parks, whether indoor or outdoor, in New York were not allowed to open at all during the 2020 season, but new guidance from the State of New York will allow them to the start planning their 2021 seasons immediately.

The Governor's office has set the earliest date for reopening as March 26th for indoor operations and April 9th for outdoor parks.  Indoor parks will be limited to 25% of their capacity and outdoor parks will be limited to 33% of their capacity.

Each park must submit a set of their protocals for operating during the pandemic before they open their doors, with minimum requirements mirroring what most states did last season.  These include temperature checks for visitors, face coverings for all and social distancing put into place.  Another interesting requirement is that "contact information must be collected from each party to inform contact tracing, if needed" - that could be a logistical nightmare without the use of an app or similar technology.

Luna Park in Coney Island is very excited to reopen this year, and is getting ready to announce their opening date.  The park posted a letter from their CEO that mentions six new attractions geared for the park's youngest guests.

Six Flags Darien Lake has already announced that they will reopen to their guests on May 21st, and The Great Escape will open even earlier on May 1st.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Cruis'n The Park Car Show to Debut at Six Flags Magic Mountain

© Six Flags Magic Mountain

While the theme park remains closed, Six Flags Magic Mountain has come up with a new limited time event in partnership with West Coast Customs - Cruis'n the Park Car Show.  Visitors will encounter (from the safety of their own vehicle) 100 of the world's best automotive displays located throughout the property's midways.  The 30 minute "cruise through the park will be presented by Ryan Friedlinghaus, CEO of West Coast Customs, via a specially designed app available for free download."

The event promises to be "once-in-a-lifetime" in terms of seeing some "jaw-dropping" vehicle art displays, muscle cars, hot rods, low riders and mini trucks - plus other vehicles like motorcycles and watercraft.


© Six Flags Magic Mountain

“It has been a dream of mine for over 10 years to put together a family event like this!” said West Coast Customs Founder & CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus. “I’m excited to say it is official as we are about to make some new history together with Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’s the first ever drive-thru car show in a theme park where LA’s top vehicles from all different categories, mini trucks to low riders and everything in between, will be displayed. This event will take you on a trip down memory lane and also make new memories for families to share together.” 


The West Coast Customs Cruis'n the Park Car Show will debut on February 26th and run each Friday, Saturday and Sunday through March 14th.  Reservations are required, and discounts on admission will be available for season pass holders and members.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Want to Own Clementon Amusement Park? Now is Your Chance


Clementon Amusement Park and Splash World, which closed suddenly near the end of the 2019 season, is going to be auctioned off soon, either in parts or as a whole.  The park is now offered on Capital Recovery Group's website, as it appears the park defaulted on a bank loan which means it will now be sold to recover as much of the loan amount as possible.  The company will hold an inspection day of the New Jersey based park on March 19th for potential buyers, and the actual auction will take place on March 23rd.

The park was purchased by Premier Parks, LLC toward the end of 2011, and operated each year until a sudden closure in September of 2019.  At that time the closure made the news often, as many people still had events planned at the park that year and little information was being given by the park about their future plans.  As we well know the pandemic set in at the start of the next year, and the park has remained closed since.

I would safely imagine that Premier Parks looked for a company to purchase the park from them to assist with the loans they had taken out on it, but it would appear there were no takers at the time.  Now, as a last resort, the property will be auctioned off.


The listing notes that the park sits on 52 acres and includes 23 acres of  a spring fed lake.  It also highlights that the property is already sub-divided into separate lots for "easy redevelopment" - does not bode well for the property to continue to operate as a park.  

The park offers a selection of rides and attractions that can be purchased at the auction.  This includes Hellcat, a S&S wooden coaster, Ferris wheel, Carousel, Sea Dragon, Ring of Fire and a bunch of water park attractions including some newer trap door slides.

Clementon Park dates back to 1907 and was one of the oldest parks in the country at the time it closed.  Here is a look at the park from back in 2014 when we visited.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Six Flags Darien Lake Holding Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular

© Six Flags Darien Lake

I'm late to the game on this one, but it's worth covering since it's a pretty unique thing to see during these days of the pandemic.  Six Flags Darien Lake is currently hosting a Rockin' Drive-In Laser Light Spectacular for visitors.  The park remains closed but they are utilizing their open space to create a unique event for both season pass holders and other members of the public to check out - of course from the safety of their own vehicles.

The park has had a laser light show for many years now, but they have modified it to make it work for guests who remain in their cars during the 30 minute performance.  Speaking of timing, they are doing the show three times a night on select days now through March 7th.

The performance is billed as featuring "a rocking soundtrack set to the full spectrum of laser lights" and is free for season pass holders and members, otherwise tickets are $14.99 per person.  The park is also offering food and snacks that can be purchased either ahead of time or during the event.  The short clip embedded here gives an idea of what the performance is like.

It's nice to see the Six Flags parks continue to think well outside the box on coming up with ways to entertain guests during these tough times.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Silverwood Theme Park Continues Stunt Pilot Updates

© Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park is doing an awesome job of keeping fans up to date on the fabrication and construction of Stunt Pilot, the park's new for 2021 roller coaster.  Without many new coasters going up this year (understandably), it's easier to focus on each of the new projects - and the park is making that very simple for us!

Stunt Pilot, which is one of Rocky Mountain Construction's Raptor rides, recently had some of its first supports installed, seen in the photo above.  The ride will have bold red supports and a crisp white track, a great color scheme sure to make the ride stand out. 

© Silverwood Theme Park

While we haven't seen any of that white track installed just yet, we can be sure that it has arrived at Silverwood Theme Park from Rocky Mountain Construction in this update the park shared.  Stunt Pilot features a single-rail track that requires less supports than typical coaster track, making the ride appear a little more intimidating - in a good way of course!

© Silverwood Theme Park

The park has also shared a photo of the Stunt Pilot trains being fabricated.  I'm loving the bold red being used on them as well!  Raptor style coasters from RMC utilize single in-line seating that features a lower center of gravity to provide a smooth and thrilling ride.  The coaster will feature two trains when it opens, each seating ten guests at a time.

Weather of course is a factor this time of year, but perhaps we'll see some track installed on those supports before long!

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Knott's is Back with the Taste of Boysenberry Festival

© Knott's Berry Farm
Knott's Berry Farm will soon reopen under California pandemic guidelines, though still not as a full theme park.  They will however be able to hold another of their food and retail limited time events, and this time it will be a version of their very popular Boysenberry Festival.  Aptly named Knott's Taste of Boysenberry Festival, it will feature all the popular food items that guests have been no doubt craving for some time now.

The festival will start on March 5th and run on select dates through May 2nd.  As with past festivals the park has held during the pandemic, guests are required to purchase a food tasting card which also serves as their admission ticket.  The park plans to have "over 65 boysenberry-infused food and drink items which are included on the event tasting card."  

© Knott's Berry Farm
The delicious items include boysenberry beer and wine, the fun bun with boysenberry glaze, boysenberry bbq glazed wings and a ton more.  The park will also have several retail locations open for guests to shop at with special boysenberry themed items - plus more than 20 local crafters on site as well.

The Knott's Taste of Boysenberry Festival will operate mostly on Fridays through Sundays, though they will open for all days of the week in the start of April.  Special discounts are available for season pass holders, and all guests must purchase tasting passes and reserve their visit through the park's website.