Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kings Island Adding Another "World's Largest" for 2013

© Kings Island
Kings Island's Dinosaurs Alive! will again have a World's Largest claim to fame when the addition of the new Sauroposeidon is complete.  The animatronic dinosaur will be the largest in the world, based on a real creature that stood 56 feet in height and stretched up to 188 feet long.

It took four shipping containers to get the Sauroposeidon to the park, and will take a crew of twelve two weeks to assemble the giant - which is currently going on as seen in the photo above.  Also new this year is another scene featuring a pack of Albertosaurus that explores the social nature of the dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Alive! at Kings Island feature 65 lifelike dinosaurs in a wooded setting with a meandering path that makes it the largest of its kind in the world.  The newly updated experience (this is the attraction's third season) will open with the park for the 2013 season on April 27th.