Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Completed Full Throttle Views

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Full Throttle may have a short track length, but it sure does look like it'll pack quite a punch during the course.  The ride is now complete - all track and supports are in place.  Let's get testing!

That may be rushing things a bit.  However, with the circuit complete workers can focus on the ride's other parts, like the station that needs to be built, and completing the entrance plaza we saw a glimpse of the other day.

ACE News has some nice photos of the completed ride on their website.  Thought we saw it completed last week that 160 foot tall loop just towers over the area!  Also take note of the extremely small amount of track after the final drop - that ride is going to have to stop really quickly!  It is much more clear now why there are brakes starting a part of the way down that drop.

I'm looking forward to watching testing video for this ride, it will need a very strong launch to get the trains through that loop in such a short space.  Should be really fun to see!