Saturday, April 6, 2013

Steel Pier Announces New For 2013 Rides

In 2012 Atlantic City's Steel Pier embarked on a multi-year renovation that will eventually transform the location into an entertainment and ride destination.  New rides were added this past season that included attractions aimed at all ages, from kids to adults, including a wild Fabrri Booster.

For 2013 the Pier is adding even more new rides, many of which they have just detailed for park fans.

This one looks aimed at thrill seekers for sure, a contraption called the Turbo Twist.  I searched through a bunch of flat ride manufacturers but did not see anything quite like this - so I'm really not sure who's making this one.  If anyone knows, fill me in!

Edit: Thanks to one of our readers, Michael, for tracking this one down.  Turbo Twist appears to be a Tekno Fly from SBF Visa Group.

Another new ride will be called Surf's Up, an attraction that quickly spins riders seated in a long row around and around.  There's many variations of this style of ride out there, so I'm not sure of the manufacturer of this one either.

While the plans for a big roller coaster may still be off in the future for Steel Pier, there will be a new credit named Loco Motion this Summer.  The kiddie coaster seen above will feature a double helix layout and mine train themed cars.

Bumper Cars are an amusement park staple, or at least I think they should be!  Steel Pier will now have that covered with Demo Derby, a large adult style set of bumper cars.

Other new rides include Dodgem, a kid's sized set of bumper cars, the Flying Dutchman swing ship attraction, and the Swing Carousel which is a wave swinger style ride.  When the expansion was originally announced plans included a record breaking Star Flyer and new adult coaster - so the future seems even brighter for Steel Pier!