Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Mini-Updates From Various Projects

The past few days have been the kind where there are so many little updates flying around the social media world where I feel the need to stop and share a handful of them before they get buried in everyone's news feeds and tweet lists.

© Magic Springs & Crystal Falls
Magic Springs and Crystal Falls has started the early foundations for their new water play structure, Splash Island.  When completed the structure will feature ten different water slides and hundreds of other fun ways to splash and play.

From the angle of this photo - and I can't be totally sure - it looks like they might have filled in a little of the park's lake for the attraction.  If I'm correct, you can see the back of the wave pool structure up on the hill in the background, helping to place Splash Island's location.

© Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis also recently placed the final piece of the Boomerang in place, completing the ride's circuit.  Well, actually it's not a complete circuit being a boomerang and all, but you get my drift.

The ride's colors still impress me, it will make for great photos this year but I can imagine things won't look so good after a couple years of fading.  For more photos of the now completed ride, click here.

© Holiday World
When Holiday World tweeted this photo, there wasn't much left to build until Hyena Falls was complete - and since that was a few days ago I'm sure they're even further along!  The new slide tower joins an already stellar collection of water rides and contains three enclosed tube slides and a 4th that features a huge half-pipe.

© Ride Entertainment
Okay, it might not but vertical yet in the traditional sense, but the Texas SkyScreamer most certainly has its pieces standing vertical - ready and waiting to be put into place.  When those pieces are put into place the tower will stand 400 feet tall and include a giant Texas Star on top along with a Six Flags logo.

It takes a mighty sized crane to put together a toy this big, so once that rental arrives I would expect this baby to go up quick!  Can't wait.

© Ride Entertainment
Last, but by no means least, here is a shot of SkyScreamer at Six Flags Over Georgia.  I haven't seen many photos of the new ride since it went up at the park.  It hasn't opened yet to my knowledge, but from this photo it looks like it's getting close!