Thursday, April 25, 2013

Freestyle Music Park to be Sold for $10 Million?

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Here's a weird story.  A Christian focus non-profit named Abiding Village that runs an urban arts center is trying to raise $10 million in the next three weeks to purchase the land that sits under Freestyle Music Park, formerly Hard Rock Park.

Their plan seems to only include gaining the land, and if they can do it they will use it in three phases - all of which have nothing to do with a theme park.  I can't image that anyone would sell the park with the rides still on it - so that could also mean that we will finally see the rides sold and relocated.  Well, perhaps.  The B&M would probably move easily, and the mine train could head elsewhere too - but you have to wonder about other rides like the really unique Premier Rides coaster with the Ferris wheel lift.

It's been ages since we've heard anything about the status of the park, and while we (at least I) do not ever expect it to reopen I have to wonder why the rides are still there.  So while this current pipe dream may just be that, it may open the door to seeing a new life for some of the attractions.  At least I hope so, it's a shame to see them all sitting there rotting away!