Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dorney Park Off Season Update 4.7.13

With no new rides going into the park this year, I haven't had much to check out this winter as far as Dorney Park goes.  Still, since it is finally nice out and I was headed by the park anyway, figured I'd drop by and see what's what.

First there's this ironic development that technically has nothing to do with the park.  There was a small patch of land up the hill behind the park (really right behind the park's boneyard) that some developer decided they could cram 10 or so houses into, and so pow, you've got the shot above of said development.

It is ironic because Dorney Park had for years fought endlessly to get new rides added due to neighbors that lived adjacent to the park.  Granted that tension is much, much diminished these days but still - building new homes where from your bedroom window your view would be of Steel Force's lift hill seems silly.  Well, not to us ride fans, we'd love it.

I can't remember if I ever shared a ground level shot of the new land that Dorney purchased a couple years ago.  Not much of anything has been done to it, I know at least upon purchasing it the intent was to add more parking so that perhaps existing parking could be removed for park growth.  With new company senior management in place perhaps things have changed, or maybe they're just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger and level and pave this hill.

The park's General Manager tweeted recently about how the park's Wild Mouse is getting a fresh paint job for 2013, and this photo would confirm that for me.  The coaster's teal and orange scheme looks as fresh as when it opened in 2000.

Something is different here... can't quite put my finger on it.

Any guesses?

Well, if you look you'll notice that Thunder Creek Speedway is no longer listed on Dorney Park's Thrill Rides page.  The individual page for the attraction still exists, but is hidden right now.  Draw your own conclusions!

One last shot, the current billboard out front of the park.  "So Much Fun all Summer Long!" indeed.  The park opens for the season on May 3rd, naturally we'll be there to check things out!


jscll said...

The items missing in the photo of the presumably former speedway appear to be the track lights, operator's booth, and ticket booth. It appears that the building in the fueling depot is still there. Also of note in this photo is although the fencing from the swan boats is gone, the floating dock is still present.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Well done! Extra credit points for noticing a few missing items that I didn't even see!

It would appear that Dorney Park can be added to the list of Cedar Fair parks that have ditched their go-karts in 2013.

jscll said...

After visiting the the park, I must modify my analysis. The go cart track is still in place, along with at least most of the track lighting. The cars are also still there lined up on the track with their weather coverings on. I can confirm the operator's booth is gone, leaving a mess of ugly wireing sticking out of the ground.