Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kentucky Kingdom Inches Closer Toward Reopening

The process of getting Kentucky Kingdom reopened in time for the 2014 season is making progress, step by step.  The latest news on the project is the approval of up to $10 million in sales tax credits by the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority this past week.

The approval of the credits plays a major role in the overall financing of the reopening, which means it was a very important approval to receive.  Developer Ed Hart now reports that he is "confident" that the park will be able to meet its planned reopening of May 24th, 2014.

Developers have found that it will cost a bit more than planned to get the park back open, but they report they will absorb those extra costs.  A $40 million investment is planned; the impact of the park open on the surrounding area is substantial, even more so when the new jobs created are factored in.

This story about the news points out that Mr. Hart is planning to release a full report about his plan to reopen the park - including the addition of new rides and attractions - sometime later this Summer.