Saturday, April 27, 2013

Six Flags Great Adventure Shows Off New Safari Fleet

Click for a much larger version © Six Flags Great Adventure
The grand opening of the Safari Off Road Adventure is growing closer at Six Flags Great Adventure!  The park sent out the above image with the below description.  The vehicles are looking great!

"Six Flags Great Adventure assembles its new Safari Off Road Adventure truck fleet in preparation for a Memorial Day weekend launch.  A total of 18 customized, surplus five-ton Army vehicles transformed into rugged Safari trucks will take guests off road and up close to the animals on this VIP-style journey.  Each truck will be equipped with on-board video and a Safari guide to give guests a unique and interactive tour of the 350-acre wildlife preserve.  Guests will encounter 1,200 animals and nearly 80 different species including lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, bison, tigers and bears.  Skilled drivers will take guests right up to the animals, even wading through ponds and climbing hills.  Safari Off Road Adventure will be included with theme park admission."

The Off Road Adventure is sure to be one of the most unique additions at any park this year, and is highly anticipated by park fans.  We can't wait to take a tour!