Monday, April 29, 2013

Scott And Carol Present A Look at OutLaw Run

Artfully done temporary signage guides the way to the newest attraction at Silver Dollar City, Outlaw Run. Once you notice the first sign, it's like following the yellow brick road. If you are not the leader, you can  watch where everyone is going. All guests head towards Silver Dollar City's new roller coaster, the only wooden hybrid coaster with three inversions.

Photo by Mike Hammer
Even the ride entrance sign has the look of the Old West


This collage shows off the detailed theming in the Depot/station. 

A real restored stagecoach is the centerpiece of the plaza. There are lots of places to sit for non-riders to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the area, somewhat reminiscent of how entire towns turned out for the arrivals and departures of stagecoaches in a bygone era. 

As you enter the plaza, the lift hill rises above the back of the station with the dip to disconnect the chain turning the train slightly left prior to the first drop.

Silver Dollar City dedicated this monument to the law enforce officers who proudly serve and protect all of us on 4/13/2013. A big thank you to all of you, for all you do for all of us. Please be safe in your service, so you too can create family memories. 

The bottom of the first drop is in the background with the climb toward the lift hill pass through closer to the camera. The train carries a lot of speed as it starts this climb.

Photo by Mike Hammer
The station includes many authentic props, like the stagecoach outside. The crew was already in mid season form, sending out trains very quickly. The line kept moving all day.

Once the entire train is engaged on the lift hill, it speeds up from 12 to 20 feet per second. With only lap bars keeping you in your seat, it is easy to look around for an elevated view of the park. You do have to look fast because it doesn't take long to reach the top of the lift. 

High above the ground the you can see the detail of the track structure. This joint shows how strongly built Outlaw Run is and you can also see how the cross ties maintain the  track gauge, that is the distance between the rails. This is conducive to fast, smooth rides. 

The first drop of 81 degrees and 162 vertical feet, is currently the steepest drop of any wooden hybrid coaster in the world. The train seems to lunged forward like it is being pulled by very strong horses at the crest. Eerily smooth, but with the familiar sound of steel wheel clattering on top of the ride steel, the concrete filled track is guaranteed to provide great rides for a long, long time. This technology is so new even Rocky Mountain Construction does not know how long before it begins to show any wear on the track or trains.

From this view you can't see the lift hill and high speed curve above and behind the camera but you can see another curve in the foreground along with another pass by down in the valley.This is a very compact coaster for all the ride elements included with this terrain specific ride. And the entire ride is so smooth and fun.

Riders have several close encounters with the structure, one of the best is when the train careens through a hole in the lift structure. Another good reverse head chopper is with the supporting structure when you are upside down in the corkscrew.

A minimal amount of trees were displaced by the ride but many of them are close enough to the track to enhance the sensation of speed. Outlaw Run is one of the fastest wooden hybrid roller coasters around, and it ran very fast early in the day.

Outlaw Run takes full advantage of the terrain, with many surprises in store for guests because they cannot see the entire ride without partaking in the experience. Riding the train shows more of the ride, but unless the timing is right, it is hard to picture the coaster train rolling through signature element, the double corkscrew designed by Alan Schilke
There is no dead time at the end of the ride. Here you can see how quickly the cars roll back right side up just ahead of the ready station brakes. This is one of the most articulated trains ever put on a wooden hybrid coaster. A nice audio effect including horses and and a welcome back prepares guests for disembarking the train. It was right at this point, while sitting on the ready station Mike gave the best description. "That was totally insane," he said in a calm quiet voice. Then he talked about where he wanted to ride it again.

Many thanks to Courtney and Chad of Silver Dollar City for giving News Plus Notes readers the opportunity to see Outlaw Run from a different perspective. We rode it three times that day and are looking forward to more thrilling "Escapes from the outlaws" during our next visit. Remember, at Silver Dollar City the good guys always win. See you in line!