Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NPN March 2013 Poll Results

This past month's poll asked another really specific question:  what is your favorite four inversion, Arrow designed, still operating North American coaster?

Well, you guys picked Anaconda at Kings Dominion - not by a huge margin mind you - but it came in first place with 24% of the total vote.

The ride looks pretty enough... sitting over a lake and including a neat tunnel through the water after the first drop.  When I rode it however after that tunnel I don't remember much because Anaconda knocked the memories right out of my brain.  The strange element after the mid-course brakes and before the corkscrews is pretty neat looking - I was fascinated by that when I was a kid.

Six Flags Great America's The Demon came in second place with 17% of the vote, and in third place Canyon Blaster at Adventuredome.  Here's the full results:

Poor Ninja at Six Flags St. Louis came in last with nineteen votes.  I haven't been on that one, so I'm not sure why it isn't more popular. 

I haven't come up with a poll for April yet, no foolin', so hopefully I'll get those creative juices flowing and pick a topic soon!