Saturday, December 24, 2022

Rides Now Going Into Carowinds' New For 2023 Aeronautica Landing Themed Area

© Carowinds

© Carowinds
Carowinds' latest themed area, opening in 2023 and named Aeronautica Landing, is making swift progress while the park holds its merry Winterfest event.  The renovated and rethemed Crossroads area will reopen next year and feature a bunch of new rides and attractions, along with new dining and retail options as well.  Until then we can check out some updates from the park, like the photos we see here.  Above was the very first new attraction to be built in Aeronautica Landing, Air Racer.  The ride will feature plane themed vehicles that will rotate and flip in the sky - an exciting experience that simulates the "ace pilots" that the area is themed after.

© Carowinds
Aeronautica Landing will also be home to another flat ride named Gear Spin, which you can also see newly standing in the photo above.  The ride features a giant gear-like engine that rotates the ride arms in a circle as the entire ride spins.  Riders do not go upside down, but the moving arms give quite a disorienting appearance.

Carowinds will also fill in Aeronautica Landing with several other flat rides and they will all join Afterburn, the park's classic B&M inverted ride in the area.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Building New Racing Kid's Coasters + Kid's Waterslides for 2023

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas

In a year that looked like no Six Flags parks were going to be getting much of anything new besides festivals, Six Flags Fiesta Texas has proven us all wrong.  The park has announced not one but two new additions for the park's 2023 season, and one of them is a brand new pair of intertwined family roller coasters!  Six Flags Fiesta Texas, largely through its excellent leadership, is a hotbed of trying out new attractions for the Six Flags parks, and 2023 will be no exception.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
The park's water park, White Water Bay, will have a very family friendly new addition in 2023.  Seen above, the park will build a set of 7 junior water slides, all from Proslide, to their already expansive list of attractions.  The slides will include mini versions of the company's popular large slides, including a Kidz Tornado, Kidz Tornado Wave and Kidz OctopusRacer slides.  Similar installations of these sets of small slides have proven super popular with kids, so I'm sure this will be a big hit at White Water Bay.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
The most interesting addition is definitely the first ever set of intertwined racing P'Sghetti Bowl roller coasters from Skyline Attractions.  The children's roller coasters are twisted around each other as seen in the diagram above, but are technically two separate roller coasters next to one another.  The coasters will be designed, engineered and fabricated by Skyline Attractions, according to their news release.

The twisted layout of the coasters stretch a combined total of 1,124 feet in length, and the track cross over each other a total of 12 times during the ride.  Six Flags Fiesta Texas has not chosen a name or theme for the new coasters yet, but are also excited that the weld-free single-rail track on both ride will be lined with Skyline Attractions' Aurora LED lightning package.  With LED panels installed right on the track, these new coasters are guaranteed to glow both day and night!

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Vekoma Releases Details of Cotaland's New Tilt Coaster "Circuit Breaker"

© Vekoma / COTA
Vekoma Rides Manufacturing is very pleased to release some additional renderings and details on the much anticipated new Tilt Coaster opening next year at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas.  The racing facility is building several thrill rides to create a new amusement park named Cotaland next to the track and the Vekoma coaster, called Circuit Breaker, is easily one of the standouts.  The drawing above shows the ride's anticipated location, pretty cool eh?

Circuit Breaker will stand around 131 feet tall (if you're in the back of the train) and is the first Tilt Coaster to open in the United States.  The train heads up the lift, does a 180, then slows as it enters the tilt track.  The track tilts the train downward till it is vertical to the ground with riders staring straight down - then lets the train fall down the first drop.

© Vekoma / COTA

© Vekoma / COTA
The rest of the layout, seen in these renderings, is seriously twisted stuff.  Vekoma has been designing some amazing layouts in Europe the past 5 years, and it's great to see one of them in North America finally.  I'm not sure what the names are for these elements, so I won't even try.  That said, the combination of upward and downward twisted zero g rolls in the first element looks amazing!  There are also pops of air-time, banked curves and more packed into the appx. 2,200 feet of track.

© Vekoma / COTA
Trains will hit a top speed of 57 miles per hour when they descend the first drop, and speaking of the train there will be two of them, each seating a total of 20 riders at a time.  For an animated preview of Circuit Breaker in action, check out this video!

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Villain-Con Minion Blast Opening at Universal Studios Florida This Summer

© Universal Orlando
Universal Studios Florida has announced a new attraction for the park's Summer 2023 season that will strengthen the presence of their already popular crew of Minions at the property.  Named Villain-Con Minion Blast, the new attraction is currently being built in the space formerly occupied by Shrek 4-D.  The attraction will broaden the character base into an entire new Minion themed land, and will include a new Minion Cafe as well.

While we do not have any concept art just yet for Villain-Con Minion Blast, the park described it as a "blaster game experience that will invite guests to put their villainous skills to the test as they compete against each other in a bid to join the ranks of the franchise’s most infamous supervillains."  Giving a bit more detail, the park states that the attraction will utilize "innovative screen technology, state-of-the-art gaming interactivity and elaborate physical sets to create a one-of-a-kind, game-based adventure where guests encounter immersive environments, nefarious villains and tons of mischievous Minions from Illumination’s films in a whole new way."


Set as guests head to Villain-Con, which is the largest criminal convention on the planet, the competition heats up as they try to compete to become a part of the Vicious 6 - as featured in Minions: The Rise of Gru.  Visitors are described as grabbing an interactive blaster and stepping onto a motion-based pathway (moving walkway?) as they move through the attraction.  No rest for those weary Florida theme park feet on this ride, it seems.  Visitors earn points by blasting items they encounter and causing as much "mayhem and destruction" as possible.


When Villain-Con Minion Blast opens next summer it will be part of the new Minion Land on Illumination Ave. themed area, which also contains the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction and a new Minion Cafe.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Cedar Point Makes Major Progress on Wild Mouse Coaster + The Boardwalk

© Cedar Point
Since announcing a major new themed area last Fall, Cedar Point has kicked construction of The Boardwalk into high gear, making great progress before 2023 has even rolled around.  The park has shared some images of the now completed track for the Wild Mouse, a new family roller coaster opening in 2023.  With bright yellow supports and a screaming orange track, the ride will be hard to miss!

© Cedar Point

© Cedar Point
The Wild Mouse is manufactured by Zamperla and features a unique layout for a wild mouse style-ride.  It features a zig zag section shortly after the top of the lift that we are accustomed to, but then after that there are a lot of undulating turns, curves, swoops and more.  The individual free-spinning cars will be themed to mice, but one of them will be themed to the cheese.  The Wildcat that was featured on the park's now retired coaster of the same name also makes an appearance if you look closely!

The Boardwalk is seen here on the park's live webcam, showing great progress on the entire area.  In the background is the the Grand Pavilion, a major new two story dining and bar establishment.  Located literally on the beach, the location is sure to give amazing views of both the lake beyond and also the new Boardwalk area.  When complete, The Boardwalk will also feature two relocated flat rides in the foreground of the Wild Mouse. 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom Finally Gets a Closing Date

© Disney
Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom in Florida finally has a closing date: January 23rd, 2023.  The ride was previously announced to close and transform into a Princess and the Frog themed ride, and that announcement feels like it was decades ago at this point.  Of course, there was a pandemic and other obstacles along the way, but it feels like Disney's timeline of announcing park changes and implementing them has become as wide as the ocean.  

Regardless, when the attraction reopens in 2024 it will be called Tiana's Bayou Adventure, and be set a year after the conclusion of The Princess and the Frog feature film.


© Disney
The announcement came after Disney released some information about a new scene in the ride, depicted above.  It certainly looks pretty!  Tiana and her alligator pal Louis are planning to hold a special celebration for the people of New Orleans, and they're welcoming guests to the action in the scene above.  It will be one of the first that guests encounter once they get inside the mountain.  The critters who are playing a selection of natural instruments are also going to be featured throughout the ride, with more details on that to come - says Disney.

Tiana's Bayou Adventure is also slated to open at Disneyland sometime in 2024 as well, however a closing date for Splash Mountain at that park has not yet been announced.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Lake Compounce to Offer Concerts on the Lake in 2023

© Lake Compounce
Lake Compounce has announced the addition of new in-park live concerts to be held in 2023 courtesy of a new floating stage the park is building.  The stage, seen above in concept art form, will be located on the lake adjacent to the amusement and water park areas and will feature open sides that allow viewing from several places on the property.  

“This new stage takes advantage of Lake Compounce’s beautiful setting and will bring the lake to life like never before,” says park general manager Jeffrey Davis. “We can’t wait to see our guests enjoying an enhanced entertainment lineup in 2023, giving them reasons to visit all year long beyond our popular rides and seasonal events like Holiday Lights.”


The entertianment, which will include live music, interactive entertainment and more, will be free for daily ticket visitors as well as select season pass holders.   Lake Compounce plans to start the entertainment around Memorial Day 2023 with more information on specific acts to come. 

The property recently opened a giant waterslide named Venus Vortex and for the 2022 season added special effects to the park's existing Storm Surge waterslide.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Playland at PNE Building Launched Steel Coaster for 2024 Season

© Playland PNE
Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition, in British Columbia, has announced the addition of a new launched roller coaster that will open in 2024, with construction scheduled to start in 2023.  The ride is being provided by Zamperla and will cost the park nine million Canadian dollars to construct.

© Playland PNE
The coaster is actually one that has been refurbished by Zamperla as it was once known as Senzafiato at Miragica in Italy, which has since closed for good.  The coaster was designed by Intamin and opened in 2009.  It was one of the smallest Intamin Accelerator coasters produced, and Zamperla has changed the ride's launch system so that it will use a LSM Launch, replacing the hydraulic launch it used while in Italy.


© Playland PNE
The ride at Playland will feature bright yellow track, purple supports and new trains.  The ride's name and final theme are still being worked out, but these concept drawings from the park make it look like it will be vibrant, to say the least.  Playland has worked closely with Zamperla on this project, and both parties are very excited to continue their relationship.


“We are thrilled to be providing Canada’s fastest launch coaster to Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition,” said Zamperla CEO Antonio Zamperla. “Playland and Zamperla have a long partnership and their team started discussions with us over a year ago about their long-term planning and helping them grow the park’s offerings. This year we opened a Gryphon (called ‘Skybender’ at Playland), which was a huge success and allowed Playland to market the first ride of its type in the world.”


© Playland PNE
The coaster's new trains are especially exciting, seen here in a photo taken by Playland PNE.    There will be much more to come on these trains as they were one of the major reveals at this year's IAAPA.  Stay tuned for more on that!

Monday, November 21, 2022

Kennywood Adding Zamperla Flat Ride for Park's 2023 Season

© Kennywood
Kennywood Amusement Park will be looking to the skies in 2023 when they debut a brand new area, known as Area 412, which will be themed to extra-terrestrials - aka aliens.  The renovated area will feature an existing ride, a Disk'O now named Cosmic Chaos, which has been prettied up with new paint and a new name.

The star attraction of Area 412 is Spinvasion, a circular spinning ride that's out of this world... you could say.  Spinvasion is one of Zamperla's Gryphon rides, which is kind of like a modern Enterprise ride but with one-seater cars and it doesn't go up 90 degrees in the air.  Instead, the ride's carriages undulate up and down as it spins, creating a wavelike appearance that's neat to watch from the ground.

© Kennywood
Kennywood is advertising the new area and its attractions under the Battle For The 'Burgh slogan, however they note on their site that these aliens are friendly and the battle is actually against "evil Crab Bots."  It'll be interesting to see how the area turns out, the park was already doing to painting and theming before it closed for the year in the Fall.  The park also promises an Area 412 Gift Shop which should contain some cool merchandise themed to the Battle For The 'Burgh slogan, no doubt.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Lagoon Announces Primordial Interactive Coaster to Open in 2023

© Lagoon
It's been a long time in the making, but after around 7 years of development and construction Lagoon Amusement Park has announced that Primordial will open to visitors in 2023.  The long awaited partially-indoor roller coaster has been designed as a family attraction with riders as small as 36 inches able to ride with an adult who is at least 48 inches tall.

Official details of what Primordial will offer are still murky, even with the official announcement of the ride's opening.  For now Lagoon is only stating that they have "worked with an international team of designers and manufacturers, including amazing local companies and vendors, to create and produce this incredible state-of-the-art attraction."


This news article does give a bit more information, and some recent photos of the giant mountain structure that the park built to contain most of Primordial's track as well.  The park touts the attraction as interactive, which ties to the dragon and other characters than can be seen in the preview video at the bottom of this story.  Many speculate that the indoor section of the ride will be the interactive portion, with riders possibly having the ability to battle the creatures within.


As with the park's most recent roller coaster additions, Primordial has been largely constructed "in-house" as the park coordinated its design and construction using a plethora of industry contractors. 

For now that's about all we've got, below is the park's teaser just released for Primordial - very Game of Thrones inspired it seems!

Friday, November 18, 2022

Alberto Zamperla

The very first interview we ever did at IAAPA was in 1999 with Alberto Zamperla, president and CEO of Zamperla SpA. I was very nervous and he told me I was doing just fine. Over the years we found out just how much he meant to Give Kids the World and amusement parks worldwide. Zamperla was constantly donating rides to the Give Kids the World Village and using the technical information they learned to improve rides for the rest of their customers. Carol used to take picture of the presentations and for many years he kept trying to pay her for them and she told him if he could donate and entire ride she could surely donate a few photographs.

Alberto Zamperla was inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame in 2019 and Zamperla hosted a celebration with cake and champagne at the massive booth during the last hour of the show that day. When they cut the cake he handed her the first piece and told her to put the camera down and enjoy the cake. And of course she did, because when Mr. Zamperla speaks, people listen. He is probably reading this right now still telling us "My name is Alberto," but we could never bring ourselves to call him that.

Despite all the accolades, he always treated everyone very well, and many times told us that he treated ideas from everyone in the Zamperla organization equally because they brought new perspectives to be considered. It has been said by many that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child, so Mr. Zamperla was a true giant. The thousands of GKTW campers who got their first experience of feeling the motions of a ride are a testament to how large his heart was during his time with us. The world is a better place because of his presence and his legacy will continue.

Our hearts go out to all the members of the Zamperla family, and if you are a true amusement park enthusiast, hold a positive thought for them in their time of need. Maybe the next time you go a park, take a ride on a Zamperla product in memory. It will do you good.

Scott & Carol

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Wildcat's Revenge Will Open at Hersheypark in 2023

© Hersheypark
Meoooow!  Hersheypark has announced the renovation of the park's Wildcat wooden roller coaster, which has already closed to the public as announced, which will see the coaster reopen in 2023 as Wildcat's Revenge.  As many predicted, the ride will become a steel tracked hybrid experience, as provided by Rocky Mountain Construction.  A considerable bit of the ride's layout will be changed, and the steel track will allow for RMC's thrilling elements to be added, including inversions!  Definitely a different ride than the wooden roller coaster that opened in 1996.

© Hersheypark
Wildcat's Revenge will start with a much different lift hill experience.  Gone will be the wooden lift hill the ride had in the past, replace by a truss style steel support structure that stretches 140 feet into the sky.  Remember, original Wildcat stood 106 feet tall, so the new ride is gaining quite a bit of height.  The ride's first drop will plunge the trains down at a steep 82 degrees, sending the trains flying along the red track at 62 miles per hour.

© Hersheypark
From there the trains will head up into an underflip element - described as the largest of its king - that utilizes the area of the old ride's top-of-the-lift-hill.  The underflip has the trains invert as they climb only to immediately begin to curve and descend in one fluid maneuver.  Next up is a giant air-time hill, which will no doubt be pretty forceful in the best of ways.

© Hersheypark

The rest of Wildcat's Revenge's 3,510 foot long layout includes several wave turns, and three more inversions, a large stall element and then two corkscrew kinda zero-g rolls, it's hard to tell for sure as the official POV animation has not yet been released.  But when all is said and done there will be four inversions on the coaster.  The ride will feature three trains with some really awesome theming on the front - as seen in the above image.

While we wait for next summer for the coaster to open you can check out below the preview footage that the park released for now!

Monday, October 24, 2022

Michigan's Adventure Expanding Season in 2023 With Tricks and Treats Fall Fest

© Michigan's Adventure
It's finally happening - Michigan's Adventure has announced that they will extend their operating season into September and October in 2023 by holding their first ever signature event, Tricks and Treats Fall Fest.  The event appears to be modeled as a 'lite' version of the large events of a similar name that opened at California's Great America and Valleyfair this season.  Like those events, Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Michigan's Adventure will offer visitors spooky (not scary) family fun on Saturdays and Sundays from September 16th, 2023 until October 15th, 2023.

“This new event will add even more value for our Michigan’s Adventure season pass holders and offer an exciting and unique opportunity for the community,” said Camille Jourden-Mark, vice president and general manager. “Our entire team is looking forward to extending our season and offering all-in-one Halloween, fall and Michigan fun next year.”


The amusement park will offer guests the chance "to step into a larger-than-life spooky Halloween adventure, surrounded by the sights, sounds and tastes of Michigan in the fall.  Families will also be able to enjoy select rides – including attractions at Camp “Spooky,” the park’s new kids’ area where kids, parents and grandparents can all ride together – all included with admission."


© Michigan's Adventure
Offerings at the event include special decorations, live entertainment, family activities plus Snoopy and his Peanuts friends dressed in their Halloween finest - perfect for the costume contest that the park will hold.  The park will also offer an immersive trick-or-treat experience, seasonal craft activities, special games and even a pumpkin decorating station.


Families will also be able to enjoy the Brews and Boos Lakeside Patio which will offer local craft brews, Michigan-made wines and for kids, special magical potions.  The new Tricks and Treats Fall Fest event will be included in the park's season pass, giving passes more value than ever before.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Carowinds and Kings Dominion to Operate Year Round Starting in 2023

© Carowinds
Both Carowinds and Kings Dominion have announced that starting in 2023 they will be open year round, continuing operations during the winter months of January, February and March.  This is a big move for owner Cedar Fair, as they try to create more revenue opportunities for the company on a 365 day calendar, similar to how Knott's Berry Farm already functions.

Carowinds traditionally closed after their WinterFest celebration at the start of the new year.  Moving forward, however, guests will be able to visit the park on weekends and partake in even more fun and special events during the winter months.  The park does warn that weather events, maintenance on rides and other factors will limit the amount of operations and food and retails locations open during the added operating days.

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion, which is further North than Carowinds, will also follow the same schedule and stay open on weekends in January, February and March in 2023.  While weather may be more of a factor for this park than Carowinds, they're giving it a try and are excited to welcome guests each month of 2023.

“Kings Dominion will be the cure for cabin fever in 2023,” said Bridgette Bywater, vice president and general manager. “We’ve always wanted find a way to extend our season to all 12 months, and now families and season passholders won’t have to wait until the spring for their favorite rides or their first taste of funnel cake.” 

This is an exciting move for fans of both parks, who no longer have an "off season" and can ride year round!  Hopefully it is a success for the parks.

Friday, October 21, 2022

Adventure Port Bringing New Excitement to Kings Island in 2023

© Kings Island
This week Kings Island made an exciting announcement about a new themed area opening at the park in 2023 - Adventure Port.  Located in the middle of the park, the expansion will see a total retheme of a part of the property with two new rides added and exciting new food and beverage offerings as well.

© Kings Island
Adventure Port is described as a unique location "resting in the foothills of overgrown mountains and dense tropical terrain."  Adventure Port "is a hub for explorers searching for the ruins of an ancient civilization, its forbidden temple and mysterious wonders.   If asked, the locals will tell tales of those who came before you and vanished. Did they unwittingly disturb ancient spirits and fall victim to an age-old curse?"


© Kings Island
Two new rides will welcome visitors in Adventure Port in 2023, the first of which is Sol Spin, pictured above.  The attraction will be located to the left of the entrance to Adventure Express, and is one of Zamperla's Endeavour rides - a modern take on the classic Enterprise style ride.  Sol Spin will represent a giant sun disk created by an ancient civilization, with riders feet dangling freely as they spin up to 60 feet in the air at 25 miles per hour.

© Kings Island

© Kings Island
The second new ride is Cargo Loco, a modern version of the classic spinning teacup ride.  The ride has a cute backstory where Arrow Cargo Company promises to get your freight from point A to B, but with a lot of spinning and twisting in between.  Like the other attractions and shops in Adventure Port, the Cargo Loco looks to come with a nice amount of theming.

© Kings Island
Those looking for some food and drink while exploring Adventure Port will be happy to find The Mercado, a large establishment that will welcome tons of visitors at a time.  Whether looking for a bit to eat, some light shopping or some beverages and rest, the Mercado will offer a variety of options.

© Kings Island
Another new dining establishment within Adventure Port is Enrique's.  The brightly colored outlet will offer visitors local cuisine including "traditional burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, salads and sides."


© Kings Island

© Kings Island
Possibly the most exciting change coming along with this expansion is a set of improvements coming to Adventure Express, an Arrow Dynamics mine train that opened in 1991.  The ride was already repainted before the 2022 season, but for 2023 it will feature a brand new themed entrance (seen above), a changed queue area and additional theming.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Sea World Orlando Announces Pipeline: The Surf Coaster for 2023

© Sea World Orlando

© Sea World Orlando
Sea World Orlando has announced Pipeline - The Surf Coaster as the world's first "surf coaster," manufactured by B&M and representing the realization of a new-age stand up roller coaster.  That was a mouthful indeed, but the design represents the first new 'type' of coaster from B&M in some time, which is a nice change of pace for them.  Hopefully Pipeline is a comfortable and a success and we will then see more of this new style of ride.

© Sea World Orlando

© Sea World Orlando
Pipeline will feature blue track and white supports - but we've all seen those arriving at the theme park for some time now.  As expected with standing trains, the ride will feature a 54 inch height requirement.  The coaster does not utilize a traditional lift hill, instead it starts with a launch over a small airtime hill that sends trains out at 60 miles per hour.  I don't expect air-time from that small hill, but it'll be a nice sensation nonetheless - especially with these new trains.  

© Sea World Orlando

© Sea World Orlando
And how about those trains, they're only two across and this is a B&M ride!  An important part of these new surf coaster trains is that while guests stand up the trains actually are able to give somewhat so riders can flex up and down with the forces of the ride.  Gone are the rigid bicycle like seats of old B&M stand up coasters - these flex under riders to provide more comfort.  You can see this flex in the ride animation at the bottom of the article.

© Sea World Orlando
Pipeline, after that initial launch, will head through a 110 foot tall turn, dive down and over a large hill, then pass through a simulated splash area on the edge of the theme park's central lake.  After that is a giant "wave curl" inversion - the only upside down moment of the coaster.  The rest of the 2,950 foot long track will feature a total of 5 moments of air-time and plenty of twists and turns.


Pipeline will be the park's 7th roller coaster, quite impressive for a Sea World park!  Below is the ride's animation, make sure to check out how the seats flex up and down in the video.


Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Serengeti Flyer to Swing Into Busch Gardens Tampa in 2023

© Busch Gardens Tampa

While not much a surprise, mostly since the park has featured plenty of photos of the ride under construction on their socials, Busch Gardens Tampa has announced a new S&S Screamin' Swing named Serengeti Flyer as the theme park's newest ride.  The new attraction is slated to open in 2023 - though the park doesn't say eactly when.  The ride is mostly complete, so we could see an early opening with relative ease if the park wanted.

“Serengeti Flyer’s thrilling ride experience is bound to provide riders with a pulse-pounding encounter that can only be found at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay,” said Neal Thurman, Park President of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. “We believe that Serengeti Flyer will be the perfect high-thrill addition to our world-class portfolio of attractions including Iron Gwazi, the Golden Ticket Award Winner for the Best New Roller Coaster in 2022.”


© Busch Gardens Tampa
The ride is being billed as the world's tallest and fastest of its kind.  Serengeti Flyer will stand 105 feet tall, but swing riders up to 135 feet in the air.  At the maximum, the ride's arms will swing passengers at a blazing 68 miles per hour.  The two arms each feature a carriage with 10 seats on the front and back, so a total of 40 riders can go per cycle - and Serengeti Flyer has a family friendly 48 inch height requirement.  Riders will have an amazing view of the park's 65 acre Serengeti when on the attraction as it expands below them as they reach higher and higher.

Worth noting is that Serengeti Flyer's statistics which give it world records also match those of Tidal Surge at Sea World San Antonio, which opened this year.  So, the two rides will share the worlds tallest and fastest title, it seems.