Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Smiler's Latest Tricks

© Alton Towers
I'd say that construction on Alton Tower's Smiler has moved from a slow-but-steady pace to a rapid fire, seemingly 24 hour a day race to get the ride done.  More and more of the track keeps going up, and that means the ride keeps getting more and more twisted.

The construction of the central "marmaliser" thematic element is also moving forward, and as that is completed more pieces of the ride that interact with it are able to be added.  The ride's two lift hills, and the majority of the two inverted drops are still missing, though.  Still anxious to see those go in.

There's a new gallery of photos from late last week up on the official website, and you can also try to test out your follow-the-twisted-track skills by looking at these aerial views from Towers Times.  Good luck!