Monday, April 29, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - A Look At The Six Flags St Louis Boomerang

Wouldn't it be a cool job to travel around determining what park was the "Coaster Capital" of each state? If anybody knows where to put in applications, please let us know! 

Guests enjoying a train ride will be able to watch Boomerang from the station, and if it runs while they pull out, the coaster riders will be able to watch the train from above. 

The uniquely roofed station should allow for good airflow during the hot days of summer. Besides that, it looks pretty nice also. Much of the heat should be reflected but at least there will be shade for the comfort of the guests.

The track is all in place, and the bright colors really stand out against the white painted structure of American Eagle.

As the project nears completion, they are even working on Sundays to ensure that guests to Six Flags St Louis will soon be able to experience Boomerang. 

If you remember back to to when Vekoma Boomerangs were consistently valleying, you understand the reason for the addition of the evacuation stairways. 

With this photo you can see how the support is precisely positioned with large nuts and thick washers underneath the base plate. Lasers are used during this process to ensure the accuracy required for consistently smooth operation. you can also see how a post extends below the base plate into a gap in the footer.

 Once everything is correctly positioned and torqued down, it is locked with an extra nut to maintained the required pressure. Then a wood frame is put around the gap, and concrete is poured and vibrated to eliminate all the air pockets, (gaps,) between the base plate and the rest of the footer. After it cures, the wood frame is removed and everything cleaned up.

Riders going through the loop will have a very interesting view of cars dropping on Superman Tower of Power.

With this view, you can see how guests on the upper midway will be able to get up close and personal with Boomerang, whether they choose to ride or not. You can also check out the modifications to the rides in these stories from Mike  and the topping off of the ride here It will not take long for them to begin testing and pretty up the installation. The ride is expected to be open following Memorial Day weekend. You can bet we will be there to report on how the new train is running.


Anonymous said...

Screamin eagle is at St. Louis, not American eagle ;)