Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Full Throttle Concept Art

As part of the official news release for the topping out of Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain released this new concept art of the ride's plaza.

Not a lot of details about the area have been released, but it was mentioned at the ride's announcement that the whole area would receive a new theme that was high energy, much like the new coaster.

This art finally gives us an idea of what the park has planned.  The caption that goes along with it says that "videos, music, and special lightning will extend the energy and excitement."  It is kinda hard to describe what's seen in the concept art other than exactly what the press release says... looks like a mash up of TVs, large covered structures that will be lit up, and plenty of new banners and other decorations.

And how I wish that we would see a train on both the inside and outside of the loop when the ride is operating!  I highly doubt that will ever happen in reality, though.