Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Six Flags New England Testing Weather Guarantee

© Six Flags New England
This year Six Flags New England is testing out a new program that gives guests a free ticket to return on a later day if it rains.

Well, it's actually more specific than that.  If a majority of the park's rides are closed for at least one hour straight due to weather the park will give guests a free ticket to return on another day.  The tickets that will be given out will expire 30 days later - and be sure not to throw away that ticket stub from the morning as you will need it in order to get a replacement ticket.

According to this story the program is being tested out at Six Flags New England this year, and if successful it could be added to the whole chain next year.  Other parks have in the past offered similar deals, though it is by no means common.  For instance Universal Studios Hollywood has a similar program in place, but it hardly ever rains in southern California!  If Six Flags offers something like this chain-wide next year you can be sure it would get the attention of rivals like Cedar Fair.

The idea makes sense now more than ever.  With everyone having phones with weather apps and the like it is easy for everyone to check the weather constantly before a visit.  I know when I see even a chance of rain for a day the image that goes with it is always a full on rain storm - for instance I just looked on my phone and tomorrow is a 30% chance of rain and the image next to it is an enormous ugly black cloud with drops pouring out of it.  I can see that scaring some people out of a visit even if it turns out to be some sprinkles.

This program will give people more confidence that their money won't go to waste.  We'll know how it works for the park next year when it either expands - or goes away.


Kyle Chippy said...

Great idea. Dollywood has a great raincheck system and they are very friendly about passing out and redeeming them.