Monday, April 1, 2013

Hades 360: Inversion Complete

© Mt. Olympus
This almost looks to me like a tidal wave of supports being swirled up in the ocean, but it is actually the now completed 360 degree roll that has been added to Hades at Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park - now known as Hades 360.

The park has been carefully documenting this first of a kind element in a series of photographs as it is built.  The steel support structure may be complete, but as you can see the wooden track has just started to go onto the element.

© Mt. Olympus
We certainly have seen looping wooden roller coasters already this year, but I still think this version has a first of its kind quality to it, using a more traditional wood coaster track composition.  I wonder if that is why this element has such a robust support structure - especially when compared to some of the seemingly under-supported bits on Outlaw Run, for example.

The park differentiates Hades 360 as the first "all wood" coaster to complete an inversion - but regardless of the terms and technicalities (of which I become confused... and a bit bored) the element is really impressive looking!  The ride is also having a 110 degree banked turn added along with a new Timberliner train from the Gravity Group.