Monday, April 1, 2013

Kings Dominion Opens a Bigger, Better Planet Snoopy

Kings Dominion started their 2013 season this weekend, and that means the opening of what is now the world's largest Peanuts themed area - spanning nearly 14 acres and containing a total of 18 rides and attractions, 8 of which are brand new.

The park went from having the smallest of the Snoopy themed areas in the chain to the largest by totally renovating their former KidZville section.  By combining the previous Snoopy area with the existing children's area they now have an enormous land aimed at families and kids.

Many of the new rides are similar to those introduced at other Planet Snoopy installations.  They include Snoopy's Rocket Express, an elevated monorail, the swirling Lucy's Tugboat, and a trip up to 37 feet in the air on the Flying Ace Balloon Race.

Planet Snoopy also includes an expanded Family Care center that has everything a family could need for their small ones, and the Kings Dominion Marketplace which has healthy food options and snacks.

The Planet Snoopy expansion may be the biggest news of the year, but that's not all that has changed for 2013.  Kings Dominion will also offer a plethora of live shows this year, ten in total, including a "high energy BMX bike show with bikers and skaters" performing tricks and stunts for the audience. 

Check out some additional photos of the expanded and all-new Planet Snoopy at KDfansite.  The water fountain they created is pretty cute!