Monday, March 28, 2022

Luna Park Hard at Work on 2022 Coaster + Flume Expansion

© Luna Park
We've had to wait a while longer for this one, as is true with many attractions set to open within the past two years, but Coney Island's Luna Park is hard at work on getting their 2022 expansion completed for the summer.  The park is adding a new area that will feature a roller coaster entwined with a modern log flume, along with several new common areas that will feature amenities and areas to relax and enjoy.

As seen in these photos from the park, the construction is progressing well with a significant portion of the new coaster already in place.  Plus, these photos were from several weeks ago so there is probably more standing at this point.  The track and supports are a mix of blue and green colors, with thematic elements slowly going up around parts of the ride as well.

© Luna Park

© Luna Park
The coaster is designed to be a family ride, but is pretty large all things considered.  Oddly, Luna Park doesn't seem to be advertising the expansion yet on their website, but it's definitely heading for a summer 2022 opening.  The log flume right by the ocean and boardwalk will be a wonderful addition as well, with a smaller drop to start and a much larger drop to finish the attraction.  Both of the new attractions will share a large station structure, with what looks like queue space under cover - another plus.

© Luna Park
As a reminder, here is some concept art the park shared of how the new area will look when completed.  A nice addition that's been a long time coming.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

New DC Universe Themed Area Opening at Six Flags Great America in 2022

© Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America has announced the addition of a brand new themed area in 2022, named DC Universe.  The "reimagined" section of the theme park (formerly Yankee Harbor) is set to open with the park on April 15th.  Six Flags is working in partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment to create the new land, which will feature many of the DC Universe's most popular characters.

DC Universe will feature three rethemed existing attractions at the park.  These include The Flash: Vertical Velocity, which has receive a bright new red and yellow paint job, Aquaman Splashdown, the park's classic flume ride, and the DC Super-Villains Swing, the park's wave swinger style flat ride.


© Six Flags Great America

© Six Flags Great America
The rethemed attractions join the area's existing DC themed rides, such as Batman The Ride, a B&M inverted coaster, and The Joker, a S&S Free Fly roller coaster.

“Six Flags Great America prides itself on bringing guests new, innovative and thrilling experiences each season,” said Park President John Krajnak. “DC Universe is the largest and most exciting park enhancement in recent memory.  This newly branded area brings together some of DC’s most iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains for an exhilarating and immersive experience.”


© Six Flags Great America
Rethemed rides and attractions aren't the only exciting additions coming to the new DC Universe area.  It will also feature new dining and shopping outlets, broad open midways, additional patio space for guest enjoyment and photo op installations with DC characters.

© Six Flags Great America
The all new Steelworks Pub, Gotham City Snacks, Central City Snacks and Captain Cold Ice Cream will be in the area and offer mobile ordering from the Six Flags app.  There will be an all new beer garden and patio as part of the Steelworks Pub, and great enhancement.  New food items offered in the area include Dole Whip, Oreo Funnel Cake Sundaes and Buffalo Chicken Mac 'n Cheese.

Six Flags Great America will start its new season on April 15th, 2022.  For more information and additional concept art, check out the park's official website.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Alabama Adventure Shows off Completed Cheddar Chase Coaster

© Alabama Adventure
Alabama Adventure's newest roller coaster, Cheddar Chase, is now structurally complete and looking good!  The wild mouse style ride is the largest of the park's additions for 2022, which also includes some refurbishment to the park's famous wooden roller coaster, Rampage.  

Cheddar Chase still needs the station completed, and cars put on the track, but it looks like most of the heavy lifting is over - at least from these photos which the park shared.  There will also be a pretty long walk to the ride constructed, as Cheddar Chase is located up on the hill that overlooks the park.  For now the ride will be alone up there, but perhaps we'll see more development in the area in the future.

© Alabama Adventure
The coaster comes to Alabama Adventure from Lake Winne, where it closed last year and was disassembled.  The coaster stands around 48 feet tall and features 1,200 feet of twisting and turning track.  As is expected on a wild mouse style ride, the cars will fly around the unbanked turns giving the riders a thrill as they go.

No word yet on exactly when visitors will be able to ride Cheddar Chase, but the park opens for the 2022 season on May 14th.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Thorpe Park Planning Large New Roller Coaster

© Thorpe Park
England's Thorpe Park is planning a large new roller coaster, and recently submitted their plans for approval of the ride.  The documents give some insight into exactly what they're planning though it is no secret as the park as actually put up a website explaining what they're up to - including drawings.  The ride is quite tall, so they're being pretty transparent about the addition to make sure they have proper support from those around the theme park. 

Currently called "project exodus" the ride appears to be a Mack Rides coaster, standing around 236 feet tall with a maximum speed of around 80 miles per hour.  Some additional details for the coaster can be found in the submitted planning documents, which are plentiful.

© Thorpe Park
The coaster has an interesting design that features a first drop that turns in on itself, twisting riders 180 degrees as they plummet.  The rest of the ride follows the outside of one of the park's lakes with a lot of sweeping and swooping track, some of which is also quite high above the park.

© Thorpe Park
These elevations models show even more of how "project exodus" will look when completed - certainly some modern elements woven into the layout.  The coaster appears to be planned for a 2024 opening, so long as things go well with approvals and the like.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Heavy Work on ArieForce One Now Underway at Fun Spot America Atlanta

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
Over the past month Fun Spot America Atlanta has started some heavy construction work on their brand new Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster, named ArieForce One.  They've been sharing images of the work that's underway and with some of the ride now standing I think it is time to catch up.

Up top is a photo form when work just started, with a big portion of the ride's layout to be included in the open area seen here.  Land clearing didn't take long in this section of the park, as it was mostly empty to start.


© Fun Spot America Atlanta
It didn't take long for footers to start to go into that large open area, seen in the photo above.  The ride's 154 foot lift hill will be located here, along with the 146 foot first drop, Raven Truss Dive and a giant Zero-G Stall.  The remainder of the layout will be intertwined with the existing park.

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
It wasn't long before ArieForce One took to the sky, with the first steel support structures being put into place.  Granted it's kind of gloomy in this photo, but it was a big occasion for the park to get the first bright white supports put up!

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
Finally, we have a very impressive aerial look at the ride's construction as of a week or so ago.  There's plenty of supports up now, framing what will be the ride's lift and first drop, with the Zero-G Stall hanging underneath them.  The beefy supports for the Raven Truss Dive can also be seen, waiting their turn for supports to go on top of them.

I'm sure construction will continue at a quick pace from here on out, so stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Cedar Fair and Family Entertainment Group Expand Partnership in 2022

© Cedar Fair
Cedar Fair and Family Entertainment Group (FEG) are expanding their partnership in 2022, with FEG taking on operating many of the chain's arcades, called game rooms by the company.  According to a press release from FEG, the partnership started back in 2004 when it began operating the game room at Castaway Bay.  In 2020 the company took over game room operations at Cedar Point and the Breakers hotel, which led to record performance in 2021.

© Family Entertainment Group
In 2022 FEG will operate the game rooms at Kings Island, Carowinds, Dorney Park, Michigan's Adventure and Worlds of Fun.  The rooms will be staffed by FEG and they plan to make major cosmetic changes and remodeling of the rooms at  the parks.  Together they will feature over "400 top earning games, merchandise and all new redemption areas."


Family Entertainment Group is already well positioned in the game industry, operating locations at many major indoor water park resorts, hotels, casinos and more.  They also operate their own owned locations such as In The Game and Bonkers, with locations around the country.  If that wasn't enough to keep them busy they also do game consulting, food operations, marketing and more.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Catwoman Whip to Open at Six Flags St. Louis in 2022

© Six Flags St. Louis
One of the announced-a-long-time-ago attractions for the Six Flags parks that will be opening this year is the Catwoman Whip ride at Six Flags St. Louis.  The ride was initially announced to open in 2020, but the pandemic pushed it back and it will now open this season at the park's new attraction.

Up top is some recent concept art for the ride, which is one of Funtime's larger Vomatron installations, the first of which opened at The Great Escape last year as the Adirondack Outlaw.  Catwoman Whip will take passengers up 164 feet as they rotate in a giant circle, with their feet dangling and their car able to flip freely.

© Six Flags St. Louis
It seems that the Catwoman Whip ride has changed locations within Six Flags St. Louis since it was first announced.  Above is the original concept art released when the ride was announced, which placed it on the site of the park's former go-karts and near The Boss.  It now appears as though the ride will be located kind of where the park's former Superman themed freefall tower was, tucked behind the park's boomerang coaster and the Screamin' Eagle wooden coaster.

Regardless of where in the park the Catwoman Whip is built, it's certain to give some high intensity thrills to visitors this year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Tidal Surge Now Open at SeaWorld San Antonio

© SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio has opened their new S&S Screamin' Swing, named Tidal Surge, to visitors of the Texas theme park.  The ride is advertised as the biggest of its kind, standing 105 feet tall and swinging riders up to a maximum of 135 feet in the sky.  The above photo from the park shows off that swing nicely, and just how big Tidal Surge is when looked at towering over the park.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
After a preview period for pass holders, SeaWorld San Antonio officially opened the ride to anxious guests.  The swinging action also hits a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour, which is pretty darn impressive for a flat ride!  Each of the two pendulum arms seats 20 riders, both forward and backwards, for a total of 40 riders per each 1 minute and 20 second ride.


© SeaWorld San Antonio
The ride's location actually has passengers swinging out over the park's waterski lake, a nice added feature to provide even more thrills.  It is also worth noting that the ride received a neat paint job and some additional theming to help it fit in with the park even more.

In additional to Tidal Surge, SeaWorld San Antonio has also opened their new Riptide Race dueling water slide in their Aquatica water park.  The ride features two parallel slide paths that start from a 51 foot tower, with several dueling points built into the layout.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

First Of Its Kind SkyBlazer Coming to Cotaland in 2022

© US Thrill Rides/Skyline Attractions
A new and modern version of the world famous Skycoaster will make its debut at Cotaland this year, named the SkyBlazer.  The ride is being offered by US Thrill Rides, but Skyline Attractions has partnered with them on the design, engineering and delivery of the ride.  As with the classic Skycoaster, the SkyBlazer allows riders to experience the feelings of sky diving but offers a higher capacity attraction.

At Cotaland, the SkyBlazer will have a ring of 18 seats with passengers secured with a roller coaster-like restraint.  After boarding the ring will slowly be lifted up to the top of the tower, then released to freefall briefly before swinging freely from the 200 foot tall main arch.  After several swings the ride will utilize a pendulum damper to bring the ring to a stop.  The towers of the SkyBlazer at Cotaland will utilize colored lights to make the ride's structure a spectacle as well.

© US Thrill Rides/Skyline Attractions
According to US Thrill Rides the SkyBlazer can be built in sizes ranging from 200 feet to 350 feet tall, and the center ring can seat from 6 to 24 riders at a time.  The SkyBlazer looks like a lot of fun, obviously still an up-charge attraction for most parks, however, due to capacity.  I hope the ride is a success and we see more of these pop up!

Monday, March 14, 2022

The Park at OWA Transforms into Tropic Falls in 2022

The Park at OWA, a gated amusement park located at the greater OWA development in Foley, Alabama, has announced that it is now known as Tropic Falls as of 2022.  The park opened in 2017 and has steadily expanded its offerings for guests, and in honor of a brand new indoor waterpark development the amusement side of the property has been renamed.  OWA now offers the Tropic Falls Theme Park and the Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark among its many amenities.

The 14 acre amusement park offers 23 different attractions and will undergo a retheming that will see the park "be filled with tropical touches allowing guests to feel like they have stepped into an island paradise."  The changes include a total makeover of the park's entrance area along with the addition of tropical theming throughout the park.

The tropical theming (seen above in concept art for the new front gate) is fitting considering this year will see the opening of a $70 million indoor water park at OWA.  The expansion also includes an outdoor wave pool with additional amenities, and will be located adjacent to the Tropic Falls Amusement Park.


The Topic Falls "water park boasts 100,000 sq. ft of indoor space featuring a retractable roof and sidewall, eleven total water slides, a lazy river, and much more! Thrill-seekers are sure to enjoy the six slides available at the slide tower including Tangerine Scream, a 75’ free-fall slide with a drop floor. The water park will also feature outdoor amenities including a 30,000 sq. ft wave pool named Big Water Bay, a surf simulator, private cabana rentals, and an outdoor dining location named Smugglers Café."


The park has created a new toucan mascot that will debut this season as well, with a name chosen by fans of the park.  The Tropic Falls Amusement Park is open now on select days and the Tropic Falls Indoor Waterpark is expected to open around May, 2022.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Heard On... Six Flags Entertainment's Q4 2021 Conference Call

© Six Flags
Better late than never, I wanted to take a look at what came from Six Flags Entertainment's Q4 2021 earnings conference call, which took place after the quarter and full year results were announced.  This was the first call for the latest CEO, Selim Bassoul, which is important as they took some time to explain how they see the company moving forward.  So while this took place a few weeks ago, it's definitely still worth visiting.  Here we go!

• In Q4 2021 Six Flags had revenues of $317 million, up from $261 million in 2019.  Attendance was 5.8 million, down slightly from 2019 mostly due to a reporting calendar change.  EBITDA was $95 million, up from $72 million in 2019, and net income was a loss of $2 million compared to a loss of $11 million in 2019.  Total guest spending was up to $53 a person compared to $40 in 2019.


• In Q4 2021 the company says attendance was at 98% of 2019 levels on an exactly day to day comparison, and when taking out group business it was at 100%.  They also had $9 million of employee termination costs in the quarter, matching up to some large layoffs we read about months ago.  Active pass base represented 66% of attendance vs. 71% in 2019 as the company focuses on single day visitors again.

• For all of 2021 total revenues were $1.4 billion, up just $9 million from 2019.  EBITDA was $498 million, down from $527 million in 2019, and net income was $130 million, down from $179 million in 2019.  Attendance for the year was 27.7 million, down from 32.8 million in 2019.  Guest spending for the whole year was $52 per person, up from $42 per person in 2019.


© Six Flags
• At the end of the year the company's active pass base was 8.3 million - 2.1 million members and 6.2 million season pass holders.  In 2019 at year end there were 2.6 million members and 5.1 million season pass holders.  You can count on those trending toward season passes in the future as memberships have been stopped being sold.

• Lots about the new CEO Selim Bassoul, who noted he has 7 children and has spent a lot of time at theme parks in the past.  He wants to create a "customer-obsessed culture" with leaders who are empowered to think like company owners.  He also believes in a decentralized business, where corporate office exists to serve the parks, and parks exist to serve visitors.

• Even more, Mr. Bassoul wants to execute their plans faster, creating a performance oriented culture and ridding "corporate bureaucracy" and not relying on their brand alone.   They want to be the "most innovative and customer-obsessed theme park company in the world."  They have reduced layers of management from 7 to 3, downsized corporate headquarters and given more autonomy to the parks.  The main focus for guest experience is "premiumization" of the experience.

© Six Flags
• In 2021 Six Flags spent $122 million on capital expenditures.  They expect the amount for 2022 to be "slightly" higher than 2021.

• The plan for the future is based on three areas of focus - improving the guest experience, pricing and capital allocation.

• To improve the guest experience they have six initiatives: 

1 - ride efficiency will be improved by reducing wait times, ride downtimes and opening rides with the park each day.  Single rider lines will also be added and they will experiment with virtual queuing. 

2 - create fun through employee friendliness, treating visitors like family.

3 - park cleanliness including better curb appeal, better landscaping and better restrooms.  

4 - better quality food.  They hired a new executive chef and the CEO has tasted hundreds of burgers, pizza and chicken tenders.  They will also add healthy options and more beverages like coffee and alcohol.  F&B was 21% of their revenue last year and they want it higher.

5 - adding more guest amenities like more benches, more shaded areas and parent lounges.

6 - improve guest facing technology, mainly the Six Flags app.

It seems like these items are basic no-brainers that have been touted by previous management time and time again, so let's hope they stick with the plan this time and make improvements as listed above.

© Six Flags
• To improve the company's pricing they will rely on the fact that they have done surveys that show guests will pay more for a better experience.  The CEO said the company has long ignored that and packed the parks full of guests with cheap tickets and passes.  They will focus on attracting guests who will pay more for a less crowded park that is easier to navigate with shorter lines and less pressure on park operations.  They've also removed memberships and changed the season pass system to three levels that have higher price points and more opportunities for upselling.

• Changing capital allocation is the last area of focus, and they will be focused on reinvesting in the business, but not only on thrill rides.  In the past they spent about 60% of capital funds on rides which added capacity and were marketable but short lived on bringing guests.  Now they have a ton of rides and will still add them, less frequently, but focus more on spending on guest-facing technology, food and beverage and park infrastructure improvements.  The 2nd focus is to use cash for paying down debt.  For spending on the parks they used to look at it as a percent of revenues, and now they think more of a static amount to spend each year, though that amount was not disclosed.  They note that what they will focus on (technology, F&B, infrastructure) costs much less than thrill rides.  So, more bang for their buck.  Finally, they do plan to try to attract families to the parks again, by working on children's areas, kids meals, etc.

• When asked if mergers and acquisitions were part of the new plan the CEO said that they're only focused on creating a better experience and paying down debt, and that mergers and acquisitions are not a part of the "foreseeable future."  Also, it does not seem that they have any plan to start to pay shareholders a dividend again any time soon.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Knoebels Planning to Debut a Bayern Kurve Ride for 2023 Season

© Breemik08 via Wiki
Knoebels is well known for its assortment of classic amusement park attractions, and they've announced that another one is planned to debut in 2023 - one of Schwarzkopf's Bayern Kurve flat rides.  There are only a handful of these rides still operating on the planet, so it makes it a bit more special that Knoebels will be home to one.  Up top is a photo of one of the rides, taken from the Wiki entry for the ride model. 


According to this recent news story, Knoebels has actually obtained two different Bayern Kurve rides, and plans to refurbish enough of both to create an operating ride for park visitors.  Since the rides are pretty old at this point, and parts for them are tough to come by, the park needs two of the rides to get things up and running in 2023.  The park plans to open the Bayern Kurve in place of the 1001 Nachts ride, which was removed a couple years ago.  It will have an Alpine theme and may have a cover put over it so it can run in inclement weather.


One of the Bayern Kurve rides they obtained has come from Fun Spot Park in Indiana, and the other was a traveling ride that did the fair circuit.  The closest operating ride of this kind in North America is Berserker at California's Great America.


A trip on the circular layout of the Bayern Kurve is a quick one, with in-line cars that mimic a bobsled set up.  The ride travels around the circle and up and incline allowing the cars to bank as the speed increases.  The rides go really quick, and are capable of going super fast though not many are run like that.  Still, the high speed on the small track gives quite an exciting ride.  Here's a link to a video of one of the rides when it was still in operation at Kennywood. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

California's Great America to Open New Liberty Twirler Ride + Offer Special Events in 2022

© California's Great America
California's Great America is preparing to open for their 2022 season on March 12th, and has announced a new ride for the park and a bunch of special events to take place throughout the season.  In fact, the park will offer visitors something special in all four seasons, including events, live shows, the return of fan favorite rides and splashing good times in the water park.

New this year is the Liberty Twirler, set to open in May.  Located in the All-American Corners section of the park, the ride will be a classic scrambler attraction.  The new ride will be a part of a larger renovation in the All-American Corners themed area, giving it a refreshing all around.

The park's new ride will also be joined by a full season of special events in 2022.  These include Friday Nights at Great America, running select Fridays March to November, with live bands, special food and drinks and more.  Red, White and Brews will return on select dates from May 27th through June 19th, a "hometown celebration of Americana food and fun" in the park's Hometown Square area.  The event will feature live entertainment, gourmet food and locally sourced beer, games and more for the entire family.


Carnivale at Orleans Place will debut this summer, from July 20th through August 7th.  It will offer a "larger-than-life New Orleans festival featuring bold Cajun flavors, fireworks, lively music and entertainment." 

© California's Great America
This fall California's Great America is retiring Halloween Haunt in order to introduce the family friendly, and not scary, Tricks and Treats event.  From September 23rd through October 30th families will find tons of Halloween fun with no fright included.  During Tricks and Treats families can find "ghastly great things to do as they choose their own path to follow, from exploring mazes, to dressing up for costume parties, playing game shows, dancing with spooky characters and enjoying boo-licious food and drinks."


To end the season the park will bring back WinterFest, running from November 25th through January 1st, 2023.  The immersive holiday event will be back and brighter than ever, filled with holiday cheer as the theme park is transformed into a winter wonderland and holiday festival.

Monday, March 7, 2022

Kings Dominion's New Tumbili Coaster Now Testing + Jungle X-pedition Updates

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion is very close to its 2022 season opening, and while Tumbili might not be ready to go on opening day the park has still made major progress with the new coaster.  The S&S 4-D Spin coaster just recently started performing test runs, always a good sign of the final stages of construction.  You can see a clip of Tumbili running its entire course via this link.

© Kings Dominion
Kings Dominion has been giving updates of Tumbili's construction during the off season, including a look at the ride's queue and station area.  The above photo is one the park shared of the queue, showing off what looks like some wonderful theming to go with the basecamp-in-a-jungle feel.

Tumbili will be the standout attraction in the park's newly themed Jungle X-pedition area, which was announced along with the coaster last year.  However, during this off-season Kings Dominion has given us some additional information on Jungle X-pedition's offerings.

© Kings Dominion
The classic Mack Rides bobsled coaster, formerly named Avalanche, will now be known as Reptilian and reside within the Jungle X-pedition area.  The coaster will receive some heavy renovations and an all-new color scheme, as detailed in these updates from the park.  Additionally, the park's Scrambler ride, which also resides within Jungle X-pedition, is now to be known as Arachnidia.  Kings Dominion is really doing a great job tying their themes together here, a promising change!

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Six Flags Great Adventure Announces the Return of Medusa + Tons of 2022 Changes

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure is giving visitors a number of reasons to be excited for the park's 2022 season.  They've announced a big line up of changes that will create the "largest array of improvements in the parks' nearly 50-year history, featuring robust enhancements to the guest experience including new dining, rides, events and animal experiences."

The changes will be taking place throughout the entire park, with even the main marquee that greets guests out front getting a total make over - concept art for that can be seen up top.  Other initiatives will include beautification and modernization throughout both the theme park and Wild Safari.  This includes "increased capacity and streamlined operations in rides, food service, and admissions; new theming and reintroduction of several popular rides for daredevils and junior thrill seekers; aesthetic and comfort enhancements in both parks; the debut of popular food brands and new dining options; a major summer event and more guest amenities."


© Six Flags Great Adventure

© Six Flags Great Adventure

© Six Flags Great Adventure

© Six Flags Great Adventure

One of the largest changes is the return of Medusa, which was once named Medusa but then changed to Bizarro and now will once more be named Medusa.  The B&M Floorless coaster first opened in 1999 and features 7 inversions.  The ride will return its "gold-rush era backstory" and will feature bright orange supports with green track.  The coaster's trains will also be updated as seen in these photos from the park.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
One of the theme park's largest children's area's will become Jr. Thrillseekers this year, completing a two year renovation of the entire section.  Jr. Thrillseekers will offer eight rides in total, including the Lil' Devil Coaster, which opened late last season.  Also in 2022 the Barnstormer ride will return into operation.  Jr. Thrillseekers will offer new shopping, dining and shaded seating to keep families comfortable.

That's not all though, not by a long stretch.  Here are other new items per the park's release for the 2022 season:


·         Single Rider Lines – To shorten wait times by filling in every available seat, single rider lines enable rides to operate with the maximum number of guests. This feature will be added to Jersey Devil Coaster, El Toro, Nitro and Medusa;
·         Q SMART Technology – To improve the guest experience through enhanced ride line speed and efficiency, Six Flags will transition its’ THE FLASH™ Pass Q-bot to mobile Q SMART technology. From the convenience of a mobile phone and the ease of an app, with the touch of a button guests will be able to maximize their time in the park, spending less time waiting in line and more time enjoying rides, dining, shopping, and entertainment;
·         Enhanced Mobile App – A new mobile app feature that allows guests to add their pass to their Google Pay Wallet or Apple Wallet will expedite the front gate experience and reduce wait time;
·         “Wow” Moments – In 2022, more emphasis will be placed on creating “Wow” moments through fun and memorable guest interactions, beautiful landscaping views, additional seating for relaxation, and a massive, new marquee on Rt. 537;
·         Restaurant Makeovers – Two of the park’s largest indoor restaurants, Yum Yum Café and Granny’s, will reopen with an entirely new interior look. New floors, décor, menu boards, and traffic flow will enhance the dining experience;
·         Fatburger® – Since 1952, Fatburger has been serving delicious, made-to-order food. Now with more than 200 locations worldwide, Fatburger will deliver hot and fresh treats like juicy burgers, creamy milkshakes, and crispy onion rings to guests in Adventure Alley;
·         New Dining Options – The park will expand its culinary options with freshly roasted rotisserie chicken added to the menu at Granny’s, freshly-brewed coffee creations at Sweet Treats, proudly serving Starbucks® and many additional high quality offerings;
·         Family Restroom – To better accommodate the needs of all guests, the theme park will introduce two new family restrooms to the Adventure Alley section;
Volta Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Compatible with all electric vehicles, units will be available in the theme park, water park and safari parking lots;
·         New Pavilions – The park’s high-tech, touchless security screening entry area and the popular Johnny Rocket’s outdoor dining patio will sport new wooden pavilion shade coverings;
·         Summer Vibes Festival – As sun-kissed dreams come to life, guests will drench themselves in a kaleidoscope of color at this new, summer festival, which will run July 16 to August 14. Mouth-watering treats, beat-the-heat beverages, bold, eye-popping spectacles, live entertainment, and colorful curiosities will immerse guests in the reverie of summer;
·         New Animal Adventures – The Wild Safari’s animal care team welcomes three new giraffe calves, a new male rhinoceros, and an array of spring babies. The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure will feature an entirely new audio tour guests can stream from any mobile device and an expanded, three-lane roadway with five newly paved miles;
·         New ‘Giraffe Encounter’ Safari VIP Tour – Great Adventure theme park will launch a new safari VIP experience, the Giraffe Encounter Tour. This off-road adventure on military-style, open-air trucks will feature an informative and engaging tour guide through seven sections of the Wild Safari and the opportunity to hand-feed giraffes at Wild Safari’s Camp Aventura. Tour guests can also meet small exotic animals up-close. Tour tickets may be purchased in advance or at the park; and
·         BATMAN™ The Ride – The epic, floorless, chairlift-style BATMAN The Ride will return with a bold, shiny coat of paint. This five-looping scream machine continues to rank as a fan favorite as it approaches its 30th birthday.

As you can see, the park really means it when they say this is the most changes they've ever done in one season!  The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure opens March 19 and Six Flags Great Adventure opens April 2, 2022.

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Six Flags Fiesta Texas Shares Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger Photos

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas has reached a major milestone in the construction of Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger, having topped off the ride and completed both the lift hill and first drop.  The park has shared some amazing photos of the ride's construction so far, showing off the exciting elements of this B&M dive coaster that are already in place.

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger has now completed the station area track, the lift hill, precarious turnaround up top, and the beyond vertical first drop.  The coaster stands 150 feet tall and that first drop actually hits 95 degrees, the steepest that B&M have done on one of their dive coasters to date.  The 21 passenger trains will hit a top speed of 60 miles per hour after the plunge.

The rest of the diabolical layout includes an Immelmann, a barrel roll, another near vertical drop, a couple helicies and an air-time hill.  In total the ride stretches 2,501 feet long.  The park is continuing with the construction process with the Immelmann up next, I'm sure it won't be long before that element is in place.

The park is aiming for a grand opening for Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger in time for the upcoming summer season.