Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Alton Towers Places Last Smiler Piece

© Alton Towers
To celebrate the final piece of the Smiler being put into place, Alton Towers released this photo - a play on the world famous photo of workers taking lunch on a steel beam high above the construction site of New York's GE Building at Rockefeller Center.  Nicely done!

And also congratulations to the park for finishing the major construction of the new mega-inversion coaster.  Some of the last pieces to be installed were for the first traditional lift hill, and before that was the vertical one and both inverted drops.

For some recent photos of the ride (less that one final piece of track), check out this batch from the forms at Towers Times.  I love the look of those inverted first drops - it is amazing just how much twisted track was fit into a small area, with elaborate theming elements included as well.

Now the park can race to getting the ride open, and then they can reveal all the Smiler's secrets!