Monday, April 22, 2013

Aquatica San Diego Progress Updates

© Aquatica San Diego
The transformation of Knott's Soak City into Aquatica San Diego has been taking place at a fast pace in the past weeks, with the park's grand opening date of June 1st quickly approaching.

Work is nearly finishing on painting all the park's water slides, which now feature bright and tropical color schemes.  Many of the slide towers are also receiving covers on the loading areas that are in line with the architecture we've seen at the other Aquatica properties.  To create a more tropical feel, tons of new palms and other plants are being added.

© Aquatica San Diego
The park is also renovating many ground level areas including creating sandy beaches near the wave pool, and constructing a lush new entrance space.  Areas for the park's animal inhabitants, including Flamingos and freshwater Turtles, are well underway as well.

To continue to document all the changes taking place the park has released a new video update.  Check out all the changes under way below!