Saturday, January 20, 2024

Iron Menace at Dorney Park Update

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My apologies for not getting up some photos sooner, however Dorney Park is doing such an amazing job at keeping us updated it almost feels unnecessary!  Still, here are some shots from last weekend.  It snowed a bunch this week so the site looks way different now... but we'll get to that.  


Iron Menace's lift hill, first drop and Immelmann are totally complete, and the giant zero-g roll is half complete as of today.  The ride is impressive as heck to drive by and see, and excitement is building in the Lehigh Valley with folks taking notice of this giant new ride.

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The construction will soon be super visible from the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and Dorney Park Road, as the focus on the tilted loop will soon take place  In the photo above the track leading to the highest support of the zero-g roll wasn't installed, but it was placed this past week.  Nothing else was added though, as it was snowing an frigidly cold most of the week.

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One major development is the placement of the steel for the ride's station.  You can see it's a reddish color and the actual ride transfer storage shed is gray.  The station is a pretty nice sized structure, I like how it's all one connected building.  Also take note that the box on the far right will have the Zephyr train run under it - I love this design element as the park totally didn't have to do it!  Applause for little things like that which will make a more complete experience for visitors.

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Here is one last close-up photo of the track exiting the Immelmann and heading up into the zero-g roll.


I also want to share this video from East Coasters which has a super recent update on the ride and also some very interesting updates on the park:

The park has no only been having wonderful updates on their own but also partnering with a lot of other sites and YouTubers for updates.  This one is worth checking out because there is news on:


- Changes to the Cedar Creek Flyers

- Changes to the food offerings in the lower park

- Changes to Possessed

- A sense of the new 'themed area' that is being added

- Thoughts on how the park arrived at Iron Menace's layout

- Some light teases about future new attractions