Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Look Inside Seven Dwarfs and Antarctica

I did not at first expect the level of detail that is going into the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but am pleasantly surprised each time we see a new update of the coaster.  The Magic Kingdom, I assumed, was just getting a kiddie coaster with some light theming - mostly landscaping - instead of more Princess space but boy I was wrong on that one.

The Mine Train is much more than a kiddie one, and the the cross between dark ride and coaster has me more excited than ever for the addition.  The above video was released by Disney as part of a press event currently going on for Summer activities, and it really shows off the ride unlike before.  It also gives us our first glimpse of some of the indoor segments that are being created.

SeaWorld Orlando is gearing up for the grand opening of Antarctica - less than 30 days now!

The park's latest video update gives viewers a look inside the attraction, including the gigantic frozen set pieces that are being created and the custom music recorded for the ride.  This is another addition that is shaping up to be a hit, not only the actual ride but also the newly created themed area surrounding it.   Each video reveals just a bit more and with the ride's opening now just around the corner, we might see more before the premier though I bet plenty will be kept a surprise for guests.