Monday, April 29, 2013

Aerial Antics: Wild West World

Do you guys remember Wild West World, the amusement park located outside Wichita, Kansas that operated for two months during 2007?  I had almost forgotten about it but thought it might be interesting to see the site of the park today.

Looks like even though the park closed and filed for bankruptcy, with hopes of redeveloping the land, not much has happened.  The desolate remains of the park almost look like a poorly drawn park map from the air!  Just fill in the rides you want.

Here is the entrance to the park (at the top) and the main Western themed street, at least it once was.  Just about all of the buildings still standing at the park can be seen in this shot - the turnstiles, a couple from the end of main street, and I think what was once a train station in the bottom right.

When the park filed for bankruptcy the rides, buildings, and anything worth any cash was sold at auction.  That's why there are tons of empty concrete pads around the property.  They once were home to a collection of mostly typical carnival rides, some with minor Western theming.

The park's log flume is long gone, but the trough it ran through is still there - waiting and hoping for boats to come floating through once again.  Sorry Mr. Flume, its just not gonna happen.

To check out the aerials of the park from Google, click here.