Sunday, April 28, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - KI Project

From the Eiffel Tower, it is hard not to notice the lack of Son of Beast, the ill-fated reincarnation of the looping wooden roller coaster that opened during 2000. Bold in nature but painful in implementation, it used to dominated the skyline, but it closed 7/10/2006 and finally was removed during 2012. The go-cart track has also been removed during the off season.

A close-up, still from the Eiffel Tower, shows suspicious rows of dark objects littering the ground. The steel structure in the foreground is not a crane, it is the left arm of the Slingshot.

Zooming in for a closer look, still does not disclose the origins of the dark objects. Kings Island has made no announcements to date. Are they non-Terrestrial? Extra-Terrestrials? Or some other unknown entity?  Hopefully, we will know the answer soon.
All that is left of Son of Beast is the station, which was the least painful part. It is the building with the striped roof in front of Flight Deck, Kings Island's Arrow suspended coaster. It will be interesting to see if it is incorporated into the new ride or merely used during the Haunt.

The former Son of Beast area is now surrounded by caution tape with warning posters. Luckily for us, it wasn't dark so we were able to investigate further. No paranormal activity was recorded during daylight.
Are they screams of pain from the many tortured riders who endured the painful moments of Son of Beast? Or are they screams of fear from the guests who dared to enter the Lair of the Werewolf during the recent years of the Haunt? Only the park knows, and to this point, they aren't sharing. Stay tuned as the plots thickens, for we will boldly we continue our investigation, despite the risks. 

As we dared to approach the fence, peering through a gap, the mysterious dark object are revealed to be a number of holes already prepped for footers for the newest attraction being built at Kings Island. Please be aware, no paranormal entities, guests, or investigators were harmed during this investigation. We hope that record continues.