Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Curious New Cedar Fair Trademark

Two weeks ago Cedar Fair trademarked the term "Amusement Dark."  Of note is that the term was applied for use on souvenir bottles, many types of clothing, and "amusement park services."  So not that it even sounds like a ride name, but it is clear that is it not.

My first thought was that it would go nicely with Halloween Haunt advertising.  The word "dark" can both represent the fact that the events take place in the dark, but also that the events are 'dark' in their very nature.  Ya know, dark, scary, etc.

But also then I thought about how there is a newer (or just renewed, perhaps) focus on keeping guests in the parks until closer to their closing times so as not to miss out on numerous revenue opportunities.  I could perhaps see "Amusement Dark" fitting in that vein as well, though I might just be working too hard to sell myself on it.

I'm sure in a few months it will make sense, and not be very exciting, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.