Monday, April 8, 2013

Knoebels Reaches the StratosFear!

From the arrival of the pieces to a fully standing tower in less than 24 hours?  Knoebels means business!

The park's big new ride for 2013 is StratosFear, a 148 foot tall free fall ride manufactured by ARM - a style of ride we happily know for its intensity.  The pieces of the tower just arrived yesterday, and now today the structure is already complete!

The top photo above was of the pieces arriving on Knoebels property yesterday, and now this one is from today where they had already set the base of the ride in place.  StratosFear is located near the road and the hopefully-opening-some-day Flying Turns.

With progress quick in assembling the tower, the second piece was added and they moved onto the third.

Love this aerial view of the ride's third piece being lifted into place.  I would think these shots were taken from one of the high points of the Phoenix.

Taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather we're finally having, StratosFear was topped off this afternoon!

Knoebels opens for the season on April 27th, not long from now at all.  For those not interested in the free-fall action on StratosFear, Knoebels is also adding a family attraction named Crazy Sub.

All photos © Knoebels