Friday, April 12, 2013

Elitch Gardens Announces a New Coaster!

Guilty as charged - I made that post title a little over zealous on purpose considering Elitch Gardens is adding a relocated kiddie coaster.  Consider it a late April Fools.

But it still is a new coaster, after all!  The Blazin' Buckaroo is reported to be the former Marvel Mania kiddie coaster from the now closed Alabama Adventure:

Recent aerials of Alabama Adventure show only empty footers where the coaster above once stood.  Marvel Mania is a Miler Industries family coaster, and is expected to replace Elitch Gardens' current kiddie coaster, a Herschell Little Dipper named the Cactus Coaster.  No official word on the future of the Cactus Coaster at this point.

Elitch Gardens was highly rumored to be the recipient of America's only Maurer Sohne SkyLoop - but Magic Springs has announced it will operate there another season.  That ride is probably perfect for a park like Elitch that is tight on space.  While this season will feature a small coaster, there still could be a larger one on the horizon!