Sunday, February 15, 2009

Worlds of Fun 2009 Brochure

Here is the last of the new Cedar Fair brochures that I have: Worlds of Fun. Obviously the big deal at the park this summer will be Prowler.

I love that they are celebrating Timber Wolf's 20th anniversary!

The park offers a lot for guests, although unlike most parks these days the water park is not included with admission to the theme park.

Worlds of Fun does offer a resort side with the Worlds of Fun Village where guests can stay overnight right next to the park. And we can't forget the ever popular Haunt - Worlds of Fun has worked very hard to expand this event in recent years.

The park also offers some special events throughout the season which is always a nice touch - especially these days where everyone is looking for more bang for their buck.


Freddy said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Looks like another great year for Worlds of Fun!! I wish I could go this year to ride Prowler!! (: