Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Adventure's Ferris Wheel Love

In a year where most parks are going without any large expansion, it's nice to hear stories like this one of a park caring about one of it's classic rides.

Six Flags Great Adventure is giving it's iconic Big Wheel, the park's 150 ft. ferris wheel, a total refurbishment during this off-season.

The massive attraction, which opened with the park in 1974, will be taken apart, refurbished, painted, and receive new, energy efficient LED light bulbs. The new bulbs will allow the park to do more dramatic lighting patterns on the ride while at night.

If you've seen a ferris wheel with these new LED lights then you know how wonderful this change can be!


Freddy said...

I think it's a wonderful idea, the wheel looks way too plain.
Lot's is happening to SFGA through the off-season especially Medusa's new sexy paint job!!

(just a couple of year till I visit!!:)