Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daily Spin 2.19.2009

Some of these items would have had a full post but because of the volume of news items I'm going to condense into a Daily Spin. Let's go.

Valleyfair has posted some new photos of the park's new wave pool for the 2009 season, Breakers Bay. They also have photos of the other amenities being built for the park's Soak City water park. You can see those on the park's webpage.

Hard Rock Park is having tons of news come out now that a sale is expected today. This article talks with the new operators about how the park wants to keep the Hard Rock name, and lower admission and season pass prices. This one talks about how the park will honor last year's season passes, and wants to focus on adding three or four children's rides to the park along with keeping the big rides consistently operating.

The Disney Parks have unfortunately had to give in to our rough economic times and yesterday announced a new round of layoffs as well as some serious plans to combine many back-office jobs for all the U.S. theme parks. Imagineering will be affected as well - it really doesn't seem like there's any good to report from this one sadly.

A new logo and blog have been announced for Schlitterbahn Vacation Village, a massive water park and resort development in Kansas City, Kansas. Easily one of the largest amusement related projects slated for this year, the resort promises all the latest in water park fun combined with great shopping, dining, and resort hotels.

The next step in Six Flags New England and Six Flags Great Adventure's viral campaign for their coaster makeovers has rolled out - you can visit LexCorp security and play around to discover some new information about the rides!

Heading far off from North American soil we land in Sweden and check out the fast construction of Insane, a new Intamin '4th Dimension' coaster. After the first couple being built last year, Insane at Grona Lund will be the biggest version of this type of ride.


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