Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cedar Point 2009 Brochure

Next up we have Cedar Point's new brochure. If anyone was still wondering if the park had anything new this year... the answer is no. Small improvements I'm sure, but nothing huge.

Now in their 11th year of winning Best Park from the Golden Ticket awards.

Magnum XL 200 is celebrating it's 20th anniversary this year. Very nice of the park to recognize that. I remember it's 10th anniversary like it was yesterday... but apparently it was 10 years ago...

The park is still calling their event Halloweekends to keep the family appeal going. And they have lots of entertainment, like the All Wheels Extreme sports show - which is now being branched out to other parks.

As we all know Cedar Point offers much more than just the park - as if that isn't enough! You can stay in one of their many hotels, check out Soak City to splash around, have some fun at Challenge Park, and when it's cold (i.e. now) you can still visit the indoor Castaway Bay water park!

Again, hours and prices are not on the back of the Cedar Fair brochures this year. Go on the website to find out that stuff!


Freddy said...

Thank you!!, I relly wonted to see CP brochure.
I got lots of you's fall information on this that I wanted to know.
(just a couple of years:)

Unknown said...

Wow looks like another great year for Cedar Point! I wish one day, Halloweekends would change to Halloween HAUNT!! :) now that would be even more funnier to come and visit!