Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dorney Park 2009 Brochure

I got my grubby little hands on a bunch of Cedar Fair park 2009 brochures, and with no disrespect from our resident brochure queen, Sabrina, I'm going to feature them because I haven't seen them online yet. Let's start with Dorney Park.

The park is celebrating its 125th anniversary this summer. Quite an accomplishment considering many of the 'big' parks of today opened in the '70s or later!

I know it's small, but on the Possessed photo it says "The coaster formerly known as Voodoo" - smells like a new acronym to me, TCFKAV!

Also, new for 2009 is the Good Time Theatre which will feature the ice show Snoopy Rocks! On Ice.

Lots of general stuff here, but our friendly 2-great-parks-for-the-price-of-1 logo is back this year! Phew...

Here's some good stuff, the Haunt section. Another huge expansion this year, now the park will have 13 haunted attractions and that means there will be several new ones!

I cannot wait for this year's event, it sounds like it's going to be just awesome.

A change to Cedar Fair brochures I noticed is that none of them have the operating hours or prices on the back anymore, now they direct people to the website for more info. Smart move, this allows for less confusion with park buyouts and price changes.

More to come!


Freddy said...

ASYLUM!! sounds just like Thorpe Parks maze.
Would like to see Cedar Point brochure hope its changed a bit I find it to confusing for guests.

Unknown said...

Wow looks like Cedar Fair changed some styles on their brochure, it looks much better than last year's. I wish I could go to Dorney Park this Summer but im going to Kings Island this year to ride DIAMONDBACK! Looks like Dorney's 125 years of running will be a blast :)

Anastasya Hong@Kylie said...

hey..may i know where u get those brochure??? im just curious..wonder if u have any of it more...just wanna keep it as souvenir :) me and my friends pic are in it.. :)