Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quassy Committed to Keeping Family Fun Affordable

In the midst of the negative headlines that have been gracing front pages all across America lately, Quassy Amusement Park is sending its loyal fans and potential new visitors an entirely different message: Bad economy be darned! "Affordable Family Fun" is here to stay.

The park has responded to the economic crisis which has swept the nation by announcing that they will not be raising ticket prices for the 2009 season. This is a very generous decision given the fact that the park will not be getting the same "break" on its operational costs, which continue to rise.

But wait, there's more! In an unprecedented move, the park has announced that it will feature three world-class performing troupes this summer, with the potential of a fourth act being booked for early summer. Park co-owner George Frantzis II stated, "Many parks are cutting back on their live entertainment, if not doing away with it altogether. It would have been easy for us to have gone down the same path, but instead we are putting our best foot forward and making a statement to the communities that have supported us throughout the years." Quassy's Vacation Village Resorts Lakeside Theatre stage will welcome the following acts on a rotating basis in 2009:

  • Cirque Equinox - A variety show with variations in each performance
  • The Kent Family Magic Circus - A troupe which will present at least three entirely different shows over the course of a two-week period in August
  • Kenya Safari Acrobats - An incredibly popular act which will be returning to Quassy for the third consecutive summer
Since Quassy does not charge a gate admission, this rotating entertainment schedule will give local guests the opportunity to visit the park on three different occasions and take in all three acts, if they so desire. This truly is amazing, given the cost of bringing such high caliber performers to the park. Quassy will also continue to offer its famous "25-Cent Friday Nights" (where ride tickets, cotton candy, and Pepsi cost only 25 cents after 5 p.m.) as well as a Saturday night special which will allow an entire carload of people (up to 10 persons) to get an evening wristband for a total cost of only $20, parking included!!

So if a "big" vacation is not in the cards for you in 2009 (or even if it is!), consider making the trek to Middlebury, Connecticut to show your support for this charming traditional park. Quassy will kick off its 101st season of operation on April 25.