Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Six Flags Park Maps

Six Flags has updated the park maps for all of their properties on their official website, and I must say it's a welcome change!

The new maps are very accurate and include many details compared to the old ones. For instance, they even have the fire on X2 at Magic Mountain, seen above. They also are all uniform in style now, previously some were great, some were okay, and some parks (think Great Adventure) had really poor maps.

Here's a link to Six Flags Magic Mountain's, and from there you can click around and view the others.


Freddy said...

I've spent a good old hour looking at this. And SFGA map is much more clearly now, make more sense and that to all the other new SF park maps aswell.


Jason said...

I was looking at SFDAdv's map and I saw that Medusa's BLUE? Awesome! It's certainly an amazing change!