Friday, February 6, 2009

Dorney Park Winter Photos

Dorney Park gave its annual off season tour to enthusiasts today, traditionally the day before ACE's annual Eastcoaster event. I was able to attend and snapped some winter time photos for everyone to enjoy. Let's begin...

Above is the site for the Good Time Theater, the park's new attraction for the 2009 season. Yes, not much has been done at this point. The site has been cleared but not much beyond that. If I heard correctly the building is prefab so when it goes up it'll be real quick.

The off season is a time to see all sorts of ride parts and vehicles in interesting places, like these kiddie ride helicopters inside a pavilion.

Just a nice shot of a snowy, quiet midway. Quite different than during the summer months when the park is open!

Possessed is having its new sign worked on, and so at the moment it's entrance is looking pretty plain.

Another big change is the removal of Laser from the park. Here's the scene when you are approaching the ride... quite shocking the first time you are standing there.

The ride was pulled out and shipped off and the park hasn't had a chance yet to clean up the remnants. Mostly where's in there are the wooden blocks the ride sat on.

A closer view of the mess that's there for now. Laser's spot will be a grassy area for the upcoming season.

One last view of the queue for the ride still standing, and Possessed behind it.

Another nice winter view. Thankfully the weather finally gave us a break and give some nice sun for the tour today.

And here we have the obligatory shot for when you're in the employee parking lot, Steel Force stretching across the skyline.

I have more photos for tomorrow!


Ryan said...

Will they even bother opening that midway this year? The park doesn't need two bathrooms in no-man's-land... and hey, why not move the two kiddie coasters elsewhere?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the pictures! It's nice to see one of my favorite parks during the offseason rehab; I can't wait to go visit Dorney Park again during the Summer!

Freddy said...

Thanks for the pic's, Man I gotta jone ACE.
Can't wait for tomorrow's update update!!

NewsPlusNotes said...

@Ryan - Yes, the midway will be open. None of the kiddie rides are moving. The Lil' Laser will be renamed, and the park will hold a contest in order to name it. Details to come later but it will be called "contest coaster" when the parks opens. As for future years, I personally think this section of the park is ripe for redevelopment.

Jason said...

It's a shame Laser had to go ):