Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hard Rock Park - Sold! (Updated)

Edit: And just like the bankruptcy judge approved the sale of Hard Rock Park to FPI MB Entertainment for $25 million. The sale should close by Thursday. The judge told the latest bidder they were a little too late with their offer and overruled their objection to the sale. FPI MB wants to keep the name Hard Rock Park as well. Read the breakdown of events at this link.

I have a feeling Hard Rock Park is going to be a daily news item now that the bidding for the sale of the park is at it's peak, of sorts.

Regardless, news has now broke that a third party has express serious interest in obtaining the failed theme park.

A group called Coastal Entertainment LLC has filed an objection to the sale of the park to FPI MB Entertainment - also it looks as though Hard Rock has made it clear they do not want the ability to use the Hard Rock name transferred with the sale either.

The new group also contends that the quick sale to FPI is not in the park's best interest - but that fails to recognize that in order to get the park back open this summer things must move very fast.

I have a feeling this will play out sorta like a daytime soap, so we'll see.