Monday, February 16, 2009

Some Six Flags New England Updates

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While full details are still not being released, is reporting some new information that came out of the Nor'Easter event held this past weekend.

For starters Superman will indeed have only purple track when the ride reopens this year. The park just stopped painting due to colder temperatures. (rumors were that the ride would have some purple and some red parts) The park will also bring back the Joker's Wildcard flat ride to replace the removed Nightwing attraction, as will as add a Slingshot pay-extra thrill ride as well.

Even more interesting to me, however, is that the park will not be staging the Glow in the Park parade this year. For what a smash success this parade was said to be the parks it debuted at, this is very odd. The site reports that the park is interested in bringing it back though, possibly as soon as 2010.

Here's a link to SFNEOnline's latest coverage.