Thursday, February 12, 2009

Star Trek The Experience Reborn

It now looks like contracts have been signed and Star Trek The Experience will be moving to the Neonopolis Mall this spring in downtown Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that a contract has been signed with CBS to move the attraction in time for it to be partially open when the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise releases in May.

I wouldn't be too excited to get in line to take a trip on the Kingon Encounter or Borg Invasion, though - the article points out that what will most likely be ready come May will be the museum, food, and retail side of things.

The two attractions would then come online sometime in the next year.

It's still nice to see a well themed attraction get a second lease on life, anyway.


Unknown said...

Where do I get in line for tickets?
Who do I contact to be at the OPENIG?