Tuesday, February 10, 2009

West End Story

The folks at Wonderland Park have been hard at work preparing the new West End area for the beginning of the 2009 season. Let's check out their progress!

Riders ascending the new Drop of Fear will be treated to some spectacular views of the Texas Tornado in action. This 1985 Hopkins coaster--one of the few of its kind ever built--stretches all along one side of the West End.

If you had the opportunity to ride the formerly enclosed Hornet at one of its previous host parks, you may be wondering exactly what that tangled mess of track looks like. Well feast your eyes, because there she is in all her glory! All she needs is a bit of clean-up and landscaping and she'll be ready to welcome her first riders.

This view from afar shows what the West End will look like to passers-by. Wonderland's skyline is becoming quite impressive!

Fiesta Swing is still awaiting its seats. Nevertheless, it looks quite cozy next to its new neighbors. The park's Big Coaster sits to the right. With the addition of Hornet, the park will now boast four steelies.

Thanks to Wonderland for contributing these wonderful shots!