Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wahee Cyclone Gathers Speed

It’s been only a few weeks since construction began, and the Wahee Cyclone is really taking shape! Most of the brightly colored green and blue fiberglass pieces are in place and soon it will be ready to welcome thrill seeking, water loving guests!

Pull out your bathing suit and start recruiting family and friends to ride the Wahee Cyclone! The countdown begins with 51 days until the newly renovated Splash Island Water Park opens on March 28.


ZyDeCoAsTeR ! said...

We have one of these daddies at my park (Blue Bayou / Dixie Landin' in Baton Rouge) and the construction did go rather quickly. There was, however, about a week where you could not see visible progress because they were doing other things besides putting up fiberglass.

I love watching these great rides being built!

Jason said...

Woah. These rides are nothing but fun! Ever since Hershey Park's Boardwalk got one for 2007, I love them! I hope this ride turns out to be a huge hit!