Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hard Rock Park Saved?

Big news this morning for Hard Rock Park - it looks like it might reopen after all. It obviously won't be Hard Rock Park anymore, but a group has stepped up with a $25 million offer to purchase the park as is.

FPI MB Entertianment, LLC is the group behind the offer. It's newly incorporated, so it probably exists only to attempt to purchase the park. At that point it is not known who is behind FPI, or if they have any theme park experience.

The group wants to close on the purchase by Feb. 20th, which is extremely fast - but they want that because they intend to reopen the park on Memorial Day.

I'm sure a lot of news will continue to come out regarding this deal, but things are quickly looking up for the park!


Freddy said...

This is great news, I knew it would be alright ;)!