Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dorney Park Haunt 2009 Pt. 2

Here's the 2nd part of NewsPlusNotes' exclusive preview of what Dorney Park's 2009 Haunt will feature.

Pirate Passage is said to be a new outdoor scare zone occupying a prominent path in Camp Snoopy... after hours of course. The name sums up the area's theme pretty well, I'd be on the lookout for some evil Pirates in this one.

Next up is a rumored new indoor maze that should take the place of ScreamWorks: The Asylum. Guests to the Asylum will be checked into a prison as fresh meat, only to be forced to find out what happens when the prisoners take over. Expect at least one awesome execution scene.

Dr. of Doom is no more, welcome to the Psycho Circus in 3-D kiddies. Expect even more horror clown theming along with a stronger circus theme in the entire area surrounding the attraction.

But wait... there's more! Returning attractions can be found all over as well. Club Blood, CornStalkers (some story improvements), Kill Hill, Terror Square (modified path), and Headstone Hollow (totally new, innovative path with more props and cohesive theme) will be back scaring everyone for a second year.

Add to that a new themed show at Center Stage and a production in the Ghoultime Theatre and you've got yourself 13 awesomely frightening attractions.

I'll see you there!


Unknown said...

I have to say this is just perfect for Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt!! I wish I could go