Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Photo Tour of Hard Rock Park Pt. 3

Up next in Scott & Carol's photo tour of Hard Rock Park during it's opening season we cross the ocean and head over to the British Invasion section of the park.

Here we have a nice view of the section of the park from across the lagoon. The Maximum RPM! roller coaster stands out as one of the bigger rides in this section.

Scott & Carol visited for the park opening, and Maximum RPM! wasn't quite ready at that time. The Premier designed coaster features a one of a kind Ferris wheel lift to get the cars going.

Here we have the Magic Mushroom Garden flat ride. A Trokia, if you will with some wild theming!

Here are Carol and Scott doing their best Abbey Road photograph impersonation! Like I said in the first section the park has lots of fun little photo spots like this.

And this is the London Cab Ride. Another well themed flat ride that spins guests round and round.

The Roadies Stunt Show "features incredible high-action stunts, amazing special effects, and outrageous physical comedy, as we follow the adventures of a hapless Roadie-wannabe on his first day on the job."

And it has FIRE!

Easily one of the most talked about rides at the park before it opened was Nights In White Satin - The Trip. A totally unique and certainly one of a kind dark ride themed to the Moody Blues song of the same name.

Sally Corporation created the dark ride for the park, and I recommend checking out this link to Sally's page for their work to learn more.

Here's a general photo of one of the buildings in the area that gives a good feel for the theming in the British Invasion section.

Next time, in our last part, we'll check out the remaining two themed lands of Hard Rock Park.