Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michigan's Adventure 2009 Brochure

Here is a copy of Michigan's Adventure's 2009 brochure for your reading pleasure.

Rumors of a 'connected' park via a new midway have proven false, at least for 2009. Perhaps it was planned, then pushed back to 2010 or so. Regardless, the brochure does not hint at much new for the upcoming summer.

Michigan's Adventure's brochure has been pretty darn general the last couple years, and this year has not strayed away from that.

The park does offer a very full water park as part of admission, and Cedar Fair has added to the ride side as well since purchasing the park. New last year was Thunderhawk, the moved Vekoma SLC inverted coaster from Geauga lake.

And as usual for this year, not much detailed info on hours and prices on the back!


Freddy said...

Awesome and another Thank you

Unknown said...

Looks like another great brochure from Cedar Fair! Also another great year for Michigan's Adventure, I wonder when they will get another coaster?!